Breast Augmentation Healing Time

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast Augmentation Healing Time

You’re not alone if you’re uncomfortable with the shape and size of your breasts. Breast augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, accounts for 15% of all cosmetic surgeries performed globally.

And the choice to have a breast augmentation procedure isn’t often based on size. All causes are appropriate, whether you have asymmetrical breasts or need reconstruction after an operation or cancer treatment.

Breast augmentation is a major surgery that necessitates extensive pre- and post-surgery preparation and rehabilitation—as with any operation, taking care of your body and following your doctor’s medical recommendations is critical to a healthy outcome.

Continue reading if you wonder how long it would take to recover after breast augmentation.

How long does breast augmentation recovery take?

Breast augmentation surgery assists women in regaining confidence and comfort in their looks and daily lives. Every woman is unique, and healing times might vary. Various factors can affect recovery time and breast augmentation Surgery costs in Delhi, including implant size and type, location, and even the surgeon’s surgical expertise.

A full healing time normally takes four to six weeks on average. During this delicate period, avoiding physical exertion, moving large things, and overworking oneself are critical.


Immediately after surgery

You will feel drowsy from the anaesthetic and painful from the procedure when you wake up from your breast augmentation recovery surgery. Several patients equate the sensation to having a moderate hangover as soon as they wake up.

The drowsiness will fade as time passes and you consume something to eat and drink.


3 to 5 days after surgery

You may likely have pain sensations in the breast augmentation procedure region for the first three to five days. Slight pain is to be anticipated during this time, and your surgeon will prescribe medicine to alleviate it. Minor bleeding around the wound area is usual, but if you have any concerns, immediately contact your doctor.


1 week after surgery

You will start feeling better and experience less pain after the first week. Some patients feel well enough by the end of the first week to seek their surgeon for advice to resume mild activities.


1 month after surgery

You will benefit from restoring 50% of your usual activities by the third week of your post-operative recovery phase. You may experience little discomfort and swelling in the second, third, and fourth weeks following the breast augmentation in Delhi, but the worst part is past. Avoid physically demanding jobs, particularly those requiring you to move heavy things, and plan to take up to three weeks off if your job is physically demanding.


2 months after surgery

You should be close to complete healing six to eight weeks following surgery. Around this time, the implantation will have settled into the right place, and a new capsule will grow around them beneath the breast and muscular tissues. If you are still unable to continue physical activity after two months, consult your doctor.

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    Taking care of yourself throughout recovery is the greatest approach to getting the outcomes you want following a breast augmentation procedure. Always follow your surgeons to assess your healing progress and notify you when it is safe to resume physical activities. Contact RG Aesthetics to book an appointment and discuss your breast augmentation recovery with Dr Rajat Gupta.

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