Patient Experiences

"Appreciating Dr Gupta’s Magic Hands"

I flew in on Tuesday from London to have my surgeries done by Dr. Gupta after reading amazing reviews of his work on the internet. He is very professional and makes you feel relaxed. All his staff are amazingly good. I have a breast lift without implants, liposuction and BBL. My results are extremely good. I wish I had the words to use. My surgery was performed yesterday and the pain is just mild. I’m up and walking, eating and drinking already. All I can say is, Dr Gupta is a magician and I would recommend him to anyone. I’ll share pictures after 3 months for people to see my before and after results. My life is changed forever. Thank you so much Dr. Gupta and your team.

– Josephine, London
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Brazilian Butt Lift

"My family can’t believe how I quickly I have healed"

Dr Rajat is absolutely brilliant! I had such a problem with my abdomen Area and hip dips that no amount of exercise was helping. Two of my close friends who appeared transformed told me about Skinnovation. I was totally at ease meeting him an was very impressed with his body sculpting skills.

Thanks to Dr Rajat and his expertise I feel great and have an hourglass figure! In fact, the results are better than I had ever imagined. Within 48 hours I was up and about. The pain management and post-operative care and concern was exemplary. The hospital was so comfortable and his entire Skinnovation team was and is thoroughly professional, hands-on and caring! I’m so glad I took this call!

Dr Rajat is not just a brilliant surgeon but is in artistic genius! He has a lot of empathy and a gentle bedside manner which really helped take away the stress and anxiety! My family can’t believe how I quickly I have healed.

Thanks a lot! I’m grateful!

– Shalini Malik, India
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Abdominal Etching

"Visited For Rhinoplasty & Liposuction"

I had my rhinoplasty and liposuction done at Skinnovation clinic. Before I decided to go for the procedures I had certain inhibitions in my mind regarding these surgeries, but after meeting Dr Rajat Gupta, I got assured about the safety factor. He explained the processes completely and my experience post surgery has been a breeze with after care explained properly. Still awaiting the results though I know they take time. I would definitely recommend Skinnovation clinic!!!

– Rim S
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Rhinoplasty & Liposuction

"The surgery was undoubtedly successful"

“Dr. Gupta did surgery on my chest area as I was suffering from gynecomastia. I am thrilled with his care, and I feel that he is an excellent Dr. and surgeon. I am 24 years old and I had this problem due to hormonal imbalance in my body during puberty. He explained me everything about gynecomastia in our first meeting and what sort of grade I had. The surgery was undoubtedly successful, and the results were as described. I highly recommend him.” He is quite approachable and the entire staff of his is very helpful and supportive.

– Terrific500629
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Gynecomastia Surgery

"Visited For Rhinoplasty"

I had very broad nostrils because of this my face always looks so disproportionate but when I came across Dr Rajat Gupta; he assured me it can be rectified by rhinoplasty procedure, so I went ahead with the surgery, and now when I look back to my old photo, I can say I made the right decision, my nose looks perfect on my face now - not too narrow but just right. respect for him and his staff for doing the outstanding job

– Dushant Gohri
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"Now I am proudly added to the list of happy patients"

I got done upper eyelid blepharoplasty along with Buccal fatpad removal and face lipo. I searched on google the best doctor in town and found Dr Rajat Gupta, read reviews of other patients and their experiences. I discussed my concerns with Dr Rajat Gupta, who in return very nicely explained to me the procedures, addressed all my doubts and recommended me everything that needed to be done to resolve my concerns. Consulation was done at Skinnovations and procedures were done at GNH excel medical center. The procedures were done under General Anesthesia as advised by doctor for my comfort. If you really ask me honestly, apart from post op swelling and little discomfort, there was no pain at all, what so ever. I am really amazed at this part. Now I am 20 days post op and can appreciate the results, still a bit swollen but the swelling has to further settle down both on eyes and face. My eyes look sharp and wide opened unlike earlier where they were droopy and face has started to look slimmer, the contours will keep on improving once the swelling has settled down completely. Cant thank enough Dr Rajat and his team, sister Kamlesh, Amrita and Sapna ma'm for this life changing procedure.

Now I am proudly added to the list of happy patients.

– Anja
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Buccal Fat Removal

"He’s truly a genius!"

A Wonderful Journey with Dr. Rajat Gupta I started my journey of dermal fillers with Dr. Rajat Gupta 2 years back and to let you all know that my journey with him has always been fruitful. So early, at the age of 28, I had begun to take on a hollow appearance and it was taking a toll on my confidence. After countless hours of Googling, I fixed on Dr. Rajat Gupta and booked a consultation with him. I was armed with questions like: Is this safe? Will I bruise? Will I go blind? Will anyone be able to notice? What if my face swells? He answered all my questions patiently. To be honest, I had troubled him a lot by visiting his clinic again and again and not getting the procedure done. I take my hat off to him, that he never lost his cool and eased my nerves everytime I visited him. And , finally I made an appointment to have the areas under my eyes and cheeks filled. I was cycling through nervousness, anxiety and excitement when I entered the clinic, but to my amazement, I could see the difference instantly after the procedure. I could not believe how awake and fresh I looked. The sunken or hollow appearance was nowhere to be seen. My self confidence was up again and my dark circles were gone. I have been travelling with him ever since and trust me, the results are always great! Thank you so much Dr. Rajat Gupta and the team. You made my experience a pleasant one. I will definitely recommend him to those looking for facial procedures as he has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy. He’s truly a genius!

– Shilpi Gupta, India
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Dermal Fillers

"Extremely happy with the results as he delivered what he told"

I had been suffering from breathing issues due to my deviated nose and also had some aesthetic concerns regarding my bulbous nose. I came to know about Dr Rajat Gupta through one of my family’s plastic surgeon. He told me that he is the best bet regarding my concerns and I wasn’t disappointed a bit from the day of consultation which was really easy to understand as Dr Rajat being really efficient in explaining the whole procedure to the day of the surgery after which it was virtually painless a slight discomfort on the day of the surgery but after that, it was well managed I got my nasal splint removed today at his clinic and wow I was left stunned by the sorcery by Dr Rajat extremely happy with the results as he delivered what he told. I highly recommend Dr Rajat to everyone who’s looking for an extremely professional and efficient plastic surgeon.

– Aditya Kumar, India
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"I Had an Amazing Experience"

I’m extremely happy with my Breast Augmentation surgery with Dr. Rajat Gupta. The results are beyond expectations. Dr. Rajat Gupta’s expertise in the field of Cosmetic Surgery is paramount. He make you feel very comfortable and does his work with precision. In future if I have get any procedure done I would definitely come back to him only. I would highly recommend Dr. Rajat Gupta. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to him.

– Nupur Banerjee
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Breast Augmentation

"Always Excellent Experience with Dr. Rajat Gupta"

I have known Dr. Rajat Gupta from the time I went in for a rhinoplasty surgery from him. The results were excellent and gave me a major boost of confidence through correction of a nose deformity I've had from childhood. Therafter I have had botox and filler done by him and results have always been fantastic. I was always very conscious of my bust size and volume; and post pregnancy changes causing further atrophy to the breast tissues made them almost disappear. I discussed this with Dr. Rajat. Though he felt that best results would be obtained as per my body type through implants that are great quality used at his practice. I agree with him but I was skeptical as I did not want implants. Instead, we went for a natural breast fat transfer using my own body fat and the results look amazing! Not only has my breast size increased but the liposuction procedure has taken off excess fat from unwanted body areas and placed it just where it should be! Dr. Rajat Gupta is always realistic in terms of patient's goals and does not prescribe procedures unnecessarily, nor does he give false picture of what to expect. He sets very realistic goals as to what can be achieved with each of his patients, and that is great because you know exactly what to expect in terms of outcome. Big thanks to him for restoring my confidence and making me feel so beautiful! Also, kudos to his entire team that manages every detail so well. He has a great support team both at his Shalimar bagh center and at Gujranwala town center who make you feel so welcomed and at complete ease. Both the medical centres are comparable to high quality medical centers in the US/Canada in terms of the ambiance, quality care rendered and the outcomes. Thanks for everything!

– DK7
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Breast Fat Transfer

"Thanks for Getting the Confidence Back in Me"

Being an outstation patient, I met Dr Gupta over the video call and found him to be quite capable and experienced; approachable indeed I am in the initial healing period but am quite satisfied with the procedure including the shape/ size he has given; with faster recovery. He has a good team; I would particularly mention about Reena, his assistant who is quite pro-active in solving for any type of queries / anxieties, patient has. I would strongly recommend Dr Gupta to everyone.

– Karina_j
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Breast Reconstruction

"He is a truly gifted professional and I felt thoroughly understood"

I have thoroughly appreciated my experience at Dr Gupta’s practice. He is a truly gifted professional and I felt thoroughly understood and accepted in my requests. All of Dr Gupta’s staff operate efficiently and to the highest standards anywhere in the world. And especially during this time of COVID-19, I could not have asked for higher levels of customer care and protection. Dr Gupta is a talented, patient surgeon who aims to create his most magnificent art on every client no matter how minor/major the procedure. I highly recommend Dr Gupta and his practice. He deserves the numerous awards he has won.

– Anonymous, India
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Breast Implants