Dimple Creation

What Is Dimple Creation?

It is a little-known fact that dimples are actually considered a defect called Zygomaticus Major. They occur naturally when there is a defect in your cheek musculature. The skin lying over this defect gets wedged into it, in the connective tissue, creating dimples in the cheeks.

Dimples have long been considered beautiful. The problem is that they occur naturally. Only 20% of the human population has naturally occurring dimples. The remaining 80% are left wanting them desperately. Therefore, at RG Aesthetics, we have perfected the art of dimple creation (and removal) surgery in Delhi!

Dimpleplasty is a straightforward and scarless procedure. It is a safe procedure that rarely carries any complications.

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Dimple Creation Best Results / Before & After

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This 22 year old nurse wanted to have dimples to give her cute look!

Age: 22 year
Weight: 56
Height: 5'2"
Type: Dimple Creation Surgery

Why Dimple Creation Is Done?

Dimploplasty procedure is done if:

  • You want dimples on your cheeks

What Dimple Creation Can / Can’t Do

  • Can
  • Create a dimple where you want
  • Give you complete control over placement and depth
  • Ensure facial symmetry by placing dimples on both sides
  • Remove existing dimples
  • Can’t
  • Change your entire appearance
  • Give you indentations anywhere other than your cheeks
  • Leave a scar from the procedure

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How You Should Prepare For Dimple Creation ?

Dimple Creation Surgery in Delhi
  • Consult a board certified plastic surgeon
  • The surgeon will prescribe some blood tests
  • The surgeon will prescribe medications or adjust your current medications
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid any medication not prescribed by the surgeon, like aspirin or any anti-inflammatory drugs. They can increase bleeding during the surgery
  • Stop taking any recreational drugs, such as cocaine
  • Arrange for a driver to take you back home post the surgery or someone to stay with you in case one night admission is required

What is the Procedure of Dimple Creation?

The dimple creation surgery is straightforward and completely scarless. The scar is completely hidden because your surgeon makes the incision on the inside of your cheek. This contributes to the naturalness of the final results.

After making this incision, depending on where you want the dimple, a suture is passed through. This connects your skin to the underlying muscle, creating the dimple.

Recovery After Dimple Creation ?

  • 30 minutes procedure
  • You may have some swelling, bruising & discomfort in the first 24-48 hours. This is only temporary and diminishes as the recovery proceeds.
  • You can start your daily routine work from next day after the surgery and can go for a walk etc.
  • A little swelling and bruising can be expected. It is also necessary to take antibiotics for some days after the procedure.
  • It will take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months for surgically made dimples to look natural. At first, the dimple will be visible when you are not smiling.
  • Facial movements might at first be slightly hindered and impaired. It is advisable to restrict activities and sleep with your head elevated for the first couple of days.

Download A Patient Guidebook Of Dimple Creation?

Risk involved in Dimple Creation?

Like every surgery, there are risks and potential complications of dimple creation. Common risks involved in dimple creation include, anesthesia risks, a chance of infection, and persistent pain.

However, if performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon the complications are avoidable.

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Dimple Creation – 500 to 900