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Transforming Cosmetic Surgery in India - Dr. Rajat Gupta, Plastic Surgeon

This ambitious quote by Sophia Loren nicely sums up the idea of beauty and how to find it. It is simple. True beauty is a reflection of confidence, charisma and happiness.Read More »

Know all about Dr Rajat Gupta, renowned cosmetic consultant & plastic surgeon

With over 10 years of experience to back his expertise in the domain of aesthetic surgeries, Dr. Gupta is a true artist and is one of the most trusted plastic surgeons, with patients visiting him from all over the globe.Read More »

From swelling to a stroke, minor cosmetic procedures can lead to disasters

If you thought only surgical cosmetic procedures create problems, you are wrong. According to doctors, even non-surgical cosmetic procedures are not foolproof. Unfortunately, they are becoming more mainstream and people are less concerned about the associated risks with them, they say.Read More »

Dr Rajat Gupta, a board certified plastic surgeon, and as is Patients call him - An Artist!

Confidence is the most beautiful thing that any man / woman can wear! Plastic surgery can help improve a person’s confidence by allowing them to meet their aesthetic goals. It is righty said, Plastic surgery is a gift to the world that bestows the geometrical perfection and harmony to a human face & body.Read More »

The Sound treatment

There are many children who are born with either no external ears (anotia) or rudimentary skin tags instead of the fully formed ear (microtia).Read More »

‘SIX PACK’ alright!

Fretting over several daily crunches and tired of following a strict diet, sans any results? Having sleepless nights thinking about excess fat from around your midsection of the abdomen? Getting six-packs or eight-pack abs is like dream come true for many men and women.Read More »

Be snapchat ready!

The world is going digital and so is its continuous obsession with social media friendly selfies and snapchat pictures. Pouting in the photographs is definitely the new trend.Read More »

More men go for boob removal

An IAS officer, a chartered accountant, a 12th grade student, all have one common complain of over-grown breasts, that cause them embarrassment and are seeking to get them removed.Read More »

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