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Transforming Cosmetic Surgery in India - Dr. Rajat Gupta, Plastic Surgeon

1 April 2021

This ambitious quote by Sophia Loren nicely sums up the idea of beauty and how to find it. It is simple. True beauty is a reflection of confidence, charisma and happiness.Read More »

Know all about Dr Rajat Gupta, renowned cosmetic consultant & plastic surgeon

12 Feb 2021

With over 10 years of experience to back his expertise in the domain of aesthetic surgeries, Dr. Gupta is a true artist and is one of the most trusted plastic surgeons, with patients visiting him from all over the globe.Read More »

From swelling to a stroke, minor cosmetic procedures can lead to disasters

27 Mar 2018

If you thought only surgical cosmetic procedures create problems, you are wrong. According to doctors, even non-surgical cosmetic procedures are not foolproof. Unfortunately, they are becoming more mainstream and people are less concerned about the associated risks with them, they say.Read More »

Dr Rajat Gupta, a board certified plastic surgeon, and as is Patients call him - An Artist!

Confidence is the most beautiful thing that any man / woman can wear! Plastic surgery can help improve a person’s confidence by allowing them to meet their aesthetic goals. It is righty said, Plastic surgery is a gift to the world that bestows the geometrical perfection and harmony to a human face & body.Read More »

The Sound treatment

21 August 2018

There are many children who are born with either no external ears (anotia) or rudimentary skin tags instead of the fully formed ear (microtia).Read More »

‘SIX PACK’ alright!

6 Jun 2018

Fretting over several daily crunches and tired of following a strict diet, sans any results? Having sleepless nights thinking about excess fat from around your midsection of the abdomen? Getting six-packs or eight-pack abs is like dream come true for many men and women.Read More »

Be snapchat ready!

1 Aug 2018

The world is going digital and so is its continuous obsession with social media friendly selfies and snapchat pictures. Pouting in the photographs is definitely the new trend.Read More »

More men go for boob removal

An IAS officer, a chartered accountant, a 12th grade student, all have one common complain of over-grown breasts, that cause them embarrassment and are seeking to get them removed.Read More »

Top 10 Cosmetic Surgeons To Look Out For In 2022

Achieving your own idea of beauty is important to feel confident in some people. However, earlier it was not always possible to mold our bodies into something we always desired. But with state-of-the-art technologies and the efforts of the industry’s best cosmetic surgeons, this dream has become possible.Read More »

My USP is to provide aesthetic yet natural-looking results: Dr Rajat Gupta

2 April 2022

When the way a person looks decides how they are perceived, the business of making people look good has high stakes. However, only the best in the business can guarantee good results. Delhi-based board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rajat Gupta and founder of RG Aesthetics, certainly fits this bill.Read More »

Expert Debunks Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery

4 Jan 2022

The science of plastics and aesthetics surgery has evolved significantly. Unlike common opinion, plastic surgery is not limited to the enhancement of one’s appearance; it is also an important therapeutic tool to recover from trauma and accidents.Read More »

Lockdown Face and Zoom Boom: Explaining the rise of cosmetic surgery during Covid-19

25 September 2021

While cosmetic surgery initially witnessed a dip due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as “lockdown face” entered the lexicon, the industry faced a spike in cases, now called the “Zoom boom”. It is no secret, two years later, that the global Covid-19 outbreak brought the world economy to a standstill.Read More »

Gold Medalist Dr Rajat Gupta Initiate RG Community for Gynecomastia

25 Jun 2021

Gynecomastia is a prevalent male disorder in India with one in every five men suffering from it. It is a condition where men develop a womanly chest due to hormonal imbalance or steroids intake resulting in over-accumulation of breast tissue in the area.Read More »

Why the quest for beauty can have ugly consequences

24 May 2022

In her biography released last month, Hollywood actor Jennifer Grey confessed how, eager to ride the wave after transformed her into America’s sweetheart, she got two rhinoplasties (nose jobs) done.Read More »
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How plastic surgeries are transforming lives

5 Oct 2022

Plastic surgeries are becoming more and more in demand to meet the body-aesthetic needs of people today. In the past couple of years, there has been a significant social shift in how people perceive plastic surgery. Explaining the positive shift, certified plastic surgeon Dr Rajat Gupta tells about how plastic surgery holds huge potential in transforming lives.Read More »

Plastic Surgery Practices Guidelines by NMC – A View Point of Dr Rajat Gupta, National Secretary To IAAPS

Dr Rajat Gupta, a plastic surgeon with more than 15 years of experience in aesthetic procedures, also spoke about ghost surgery. Such unrecognised facilities often administer ghost surgeons brought in to perform the procedure without the knowledge of the patient, which poses higher life threats with no avenue to approach for rectifications.Read More »

Be Safe, Make the Right Choice: What All Needs To Be Considered While Going For Cosmetic Surgery?

11 Dec 2022

A large percentage of the young brigade is getting attracted to the low-cost alternatives of aesthetic procedures where untrained and unskilled practitioners advertise to gain clients and make revenues.Read More »

Why Mommy Makeover is a lifestyle demand these days?

16 December 2022

The Mommy Makeover is a procedure designed especially for problems faced by women after Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. The surgical technique has found its way into mainstream media with it becoming the procedure of choice among Hollywood elite. Fortunately for mothers everywhere, there are many ways to address these changes and make yourself feel better about yourself. One such way is through mommy makeover surgery.Read More »

Cosmetic and Plastic surgeries see a major rise after COVID

Gaining weight and losing body shape due to work from home concept during lockdown has resulted in the rise of cosmetic and plastic surgeries, doctors have observed.

While speaking to Drug Today Medical Times at an event in Delhi, Dr Rajat Gupta, Senior Consultant, Cosmetic Surgery, Rosewalk Healthcare, Delhi, said that there is a 200% rise in cosmetic and plastic surgeries post-COVID period.Read More »

8 Visionaries Who Are Shaping The Future

From pursuing their passions with unabashed determination to paving the way for novel business models that bridge market gaps, these 8 visionaries are revolutionising entrepreneurship.Read More »

Role of 3D Simulation in breast augmentation

Patient satisfaction is of paramount importance in breast augmentation surgery. One of the most important determinants of the post-operative outcome is the implant volume. Conventionally, patients are fitted with different-sized implants under their bra to give them an idea of the post-operative result. However, it is cumbersome, and the patient is not able to visualize the final appearance of her breast.Read More »

What Is Tummy Tuck? Expert Shares 5 Things You Must Keep In Mind Before Getting The Procedure

Abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck is done to flatten the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin by tightening the muscles. Here are some doubts that people might have before getting this cosmetic procedure done, expert answers.Read More »

Gynecomastia (man boobs) vs chest fat: Experts on how to tell the difference

Gynecomastia, often colloquially referred to as “man boobs, is a topic that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves despite being a concern for many. More so, because most people hesitate to talk about it thus, the problem goes unaddressed, despite the fact that it has very effective solutions available today with highly reputed and experienced plastic surgeons.Read More »

How to Manage Your Stress Before Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a life-changing decision, and its natural to feel a mix of emotions before the big day. While excitement and anticipation are the foremost emotions that my patients usually feel, I have seen most of my patients struggle with pre-op stress, which is natural. The stress is usually related to the following:Read More »

Body Positivity Or Trend? Exploring The Factors Behind The Rise Of This Cosmetic Surgery

In recent times, the beauty landscape has seen a little shift where people are trying to follow different beauty trends. Cosmetic surgery has garnered attention as more people are choosing to transform their notion of beauty. Contrary to the principles of body positivity, the cosmetic surgery industry has witnessed a notable upswing.Read More »

Debunking Common Liposuction Myths: Expert Reveals 5 Hidden Secrets

Liposuction, a popular cosmetic procedure, is a ray of hope for many struggling to achieve their dream body. Yet, it is often surrounded by misconceptions. These misconceptions hold people back from reaping the actual benefits of the liposuction procedure, which can transform bodies and, hence, transform lives.Read More »

Debunking 5 common myths around Rhinoplasty or nose job

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is increasingly becoming popular. As the experiences of many patients who underwent the procedure go by, rhinoplasty is not just about enhancing facial aesthetics anymore.Read More »

Director at CK Birla and Excel Hospital

Dr. Rajat Gupta stands as a visionary in the realm of cosmetic surgery in India, boasting over a decade of experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon. Renowned for delivering natural and elegant results with minimal recovery time, Dr. Gupta has earned the trust of patients seeking transformative outcomes.Read More »

Shape Shifting: Expert Advice On Choosing Between Breast Implants And Fat Grafting

Cosmetic surgeries have become quite common these days. People are opting for it to enhance their physical attributes. Among many known cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation is one of the most popular ones. However, with advancements in medical techniques, patients now face a choice between traditional breast implants and the increasingly popular method of breast fat grafting.Read More »

6 ways parents can support their children's mental health during exam season

The academic distress and the unsurmountable pressure that students face during competitive exam preparation have far-reaching effects on their overall mental well-being. Parental support and guidance play a crucial role in helping these young minds navigate the uncertain waters of life and the complexities of the challenges they face during their formative years.Read More »

Evolving Trends and Advancements in Cosmetic Surgery: Insights from Dr. Rajat Gupta

India’s cosmetic surgery sector has witnessed significant growth, driven by the popularity of procedures like rhinoplasty, liposuction, and breast augmentations. Dr. Rajat Gupta, a highly respected and board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries, points out that these popular procedures are not only aligned with global trends but also uniquely adapted to meet ethnic and individual preferences in India.Read More »

Dr. Rajat Gupta, Founder of RG Aesthetics Showcased his Groundbreaking Techniques at Aesthetic Meeting 2024: Among Top 10 Surgeons Worldwide

Dr. Rajat Gupta – founder of RG Aesthetics, a distinguished name in the realm of plastic surgery, recently had the privilege of showcasing his groundbreaking technique of High-definition Abdominoplasty at The American Aesthetic Society’s Aesthetic Meeting 2024, held in Vancouver, Canada.Read More »

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