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About RG Aesthetics

RG Aesthetics is a fully equipped medical facility offering body correction procedures to the aspirants in India and abroad. Founded under the leadership of Dr. Rajat Gupta who is highly qualified and world-renowned surgeon for cosmetic and plastic surgeries, RG Aesthetics is serving an outstanding number of clients every year including Film Professionals, High Ranked Government Personnel, Cabinet Ministers and people from the Fashion Industry.

With ever-evolving technology in the world of body aesthetics, RG is aspiring to bring the best to its patients who come with coveted dreams to have perfectly sculpted bodies and exceptional appearances.

To bring the solutions, this is what we offer to our esteemed clients:

  • A range of facelift procedures depending upon your need and preferences
  • An entire spectrum of body lift and body contouring procedures with a special focus on individual body parts
  • A range of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures to bring facial and body aesthetics in place
  • Highly sophisticated ear reconstruction surgery to aid with the shape, structure and functionality of the ear
  • Most effective hair transplant procedures to bring a new ray of hope and confidence to many

We believe in offering the highest degree of excellence in all the reconstruction procedures we perform. Therefore, you will witness constant innovation being brought to the otherwise conventional surgical procedures, at the helm of this facility. We believe in keeping pace with the embryonic technology so that we can offer the latest, hi-tech, and state of the art solutions to our esteemed clients.

Here are some of the pronounced edges that RG aesthetics offers to the clients across the globe:

  • We introduced Nano-Textured and Smooth breast implants for the first time in India, which come with minimal risk.
  • We have the expertise to combine various Liposuction techniques like Vaser and MicroAire to bring about exceptional results.
  • We are known for applying the most evolved techniques to body correction procedures effectively and uniquely.
  • We recently added PIEZOTOME technique to perform more precise nose correction surgeries, especially to correct the problems that occurred with traditional Rhinoplasty.

If you are facing challenges in life due to a disturbed body, face or hair aesthetics, we are here to eliminate them and help you with a renewed confidence and a fresh new outlook towards life. We thoroughly believe that you deserve a happy and fulfilling life with the looks that you want!

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Access 3D remotely

At the end of the consultation, the doctor will give you access so that you can view your 3D from home on your own device and even share them with friends and family to gain more advice and opinions.


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At 7th International Healthcare Summit & Awards 2017

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