Complete Guide to Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Complete Guide to Breast Augmentation Procedure

What’s that one thing about your physique you would want to alter if you had the opportunity? Is it your breast size? There you go! – Knew it.

Breast enlargement treatment in Delhi will help you regain your lost confidence. Keep reading the blog to understand all about the surgery.

Introduction to Breast Augmentation

You must be thinking how your breasts don’t have a pleasing and attractive appearance and you are most likely to believe they’re too tiny and don’t fit your ideal body profile.

Bigger breasts are the symbol of femininity and self-confidence. Many women are seeking enlarged breasts as the demand for one of the most advanced surgeries – The breast augmentation procedure is increasing every day. This blog will answer all of your questions regarding breast enlargement in Delhi.

Breast augmentation procedure has become a medical boon in the cosmetic and plastic surgery field. There are many women who are not satisfied with their small breasts as it gives them a sense of insecurity that leads to a great worse impact on their emotional and mental health.

There is no shame in dreaming and wanting the desired breast shape and that is where the breast augmentation procedure plays an important role. It is the ideal procedure for those who are willing to enhance the size, shape and volume of their breasts.

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    Who is the Ideal Candidate?

    Breast augmentation is the ideal surgical procedure if you want to increase the size of your breasts. Mammoplasty is the medical term for it. The main objective of the surgery is to have a breast size that is proportionate to the rest of the body shape.

    Breast augmentation surgery can help reclaim the volume, harmony, and balance you’ve always desired or lost due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes, or just ageing. Breast augmentation procedures and choices are extremely personal and highly adjustable, and experiences and outcomes can be as distinctive as the patient.

    The criteria that make for an excellent breast augmentation patient are uniform. So, how can you know whether you’re a good candidate for breast augmentation?

    There are several elements that go into evaluating whether or not breast augmentation surgery is viable for a certain patient. The greatest candidates for breast augmentation are women who are in good general health and have realistic anticipation about what a breast augmentation treatment might help them achieve.

    Breast Augmentation procedure will:

    • Increase the size of your small boobs in a proportionate shape
    • Enhance the appearance of your cleavage
    • Regain the lost breast size and shape due to excess weight loss, natural ageing or breastfeeding


    You can be an ideal candidate if you relate with the following:

    • Good and stable physical and mental health
    • Regular exercise to maintain the ideal weight
    • Have fully developed breasts


    When we talk about choosing an ideal candidate for breast augmentation surgery, many people often confuse it with the ideal candidate for the breast lift procedure. 

    As the name implies, a breast lift elevates the breasts and repositions the nipple to point upwards. The core objective of a breast lift is to make the breasts look perkier and more young, not larger. Breast augmentation and a breast lift are frequently combined and performed by board-certified specialist plastic surgeons. They provide cushioning to the breasts instead of merely raising them. This gives the breasts a larger, curvier, more attractive appearance while seeming quite natural.

    Breast augmentation is not the ideal surgery to cure if your breasts are drooping and appear aged and lifeless. A breast lift is what you need. Your surgeon can perform this with or without the use of implants. Alternatively, instead of implants, fat grafting can be used to increase padding and roundness. In any case, breast lifts and breast augmentation surgeries differ in terms of the ultimate outcomes and the procedure itself.

    There is a blurry boundary between both, and they are frequently used interchangeably when discussing a breast job. On the other hand, breast lifts are rather different. If you fall into the category of those women who have lost a lot of weight suddenly, have had many pregnancies, or whose breasts have started to droop due to age and gravity, you’re perfectly suitable for breast lift surgery.

    Benefits of Breast Augmentation


    Boosted Self – Confidence

    Breast augmentation surgery patients almost universally report increased self-esteem as a result of their treatment. Higher self-esteem might also have longer-term advantages. You can enjoy your life once you truly love yourself and feel at ease in your body.


    Balanced Breast Shape

    Many women have asymmetrical and imbalanced breasts. It is possible in many cases where one of the breasts is bigger as compared to the other one. Nipples may point in various directions and of various sizes. One breast may hang upwards or downwards than the other. All of these abnormalities may be addressed with a breast augmentation procedure, resulting in fully balanced breasts and nipples.


    Better Appearance of Breasts Post Pregnancy

    Your breasts might appear drastically different after pregnancy, whether or not you do breastfeeding. Breasts enlarge during pregnancy and after delivery. However, the breasts can appear droopy or empty. You may have lost volume, but you still have a lot of tissue. Multiple pregnancies may devastate the look of your breasts.

    Following pregnancy, breast implant surgery in Delhi can restore lost volume and make your breasts appear fuller. It might also make them appear taller if they have dipped too low.


    Appealing Cleavage

    Many women want to flaunt their attractive cleavage, yet often end up displaying more sternum than breasts. Breast augmentation can help you get the desired cleavage. However, with the help of breast augmentation surgery, you can easily attain a desirable cleavage appearance. In the case of breast implant surgery, Dr Rajat will place the implants in a certain location to assist your cleavage to stand out by enhancing the volume to improve the cleavage.


    Breast Reconstruction After a Mastectomy

    It becomes challenging for many women who experience physical and emotional distress after breast cancer, although a mastectomy can save a woman’s life, it can also leave her feeling fragile than ever. A breast augmentation procedure after a mastectomy, which can be done with a woman’s own body tissue or a silicone or saline breast implant, can help cancer patients and survivors feel like themselves again.

    Dr Rajat Gupta specialises in mastectomy reconstruction for his female patients and would be delighted to speak with you about it. If you want to enjoy any of the above perks, you can be an ideal candidate too for breast augmentation surgery in Delhi.

    Breast Augmentation Procedure

    Breast augmentation surgery improves the breasts’ form, size, and volume either through breast implant surgery or fat grafting procedure. Let us dive into the procedure thoroughly.


    Breast enlargement using fat grafting procedure:

    The breast augmentation procedure is frequently paired with liposuction surgery in fat grafting. Liposuction is a procedure that removes resistant subcutaneous fat from one section of the body. Professional plastic surgeons now have access to MicroAire and VASER liposuction technologies.

    Dr Rajat Gupta at RG Aesthetics performs fat grafting with the Liposuction procedure. It works in eliminating the subcutaneous fat from the fatty body region. One of the major bliss of getting your surgeon done with Dr Gupta is that he has access to advanced equipment like MicroAire and VASER Liposuction that makes the entire surgery smooth and safe. He uses MicroAire in conjunction with VASER Liposuction, making it far different and advanced from the standard Liposuction. These tools do the least and minimal harm to the fat cells to ensure that the body is in less trauma and stress.

    One of the drawbacks of the fat grafting procedure is that you can only attain half or 1 cup size. So the question is how to achieve more than one cup size? – Here comes the breast implant procedure in the picture.


    Breast enlargement using breast implant technique: 

    If you’re searching for a technique that increases more than one cup size of your breasts – An implant is the ideal surgical option!

    Artificial implants of silicone gel are used in this approach.

    Always remember! – The most crucial requirement in implant surgery is that implants should be FDA authorised and made up of silicone gel.

    Here is the variety of implants used by expert plastic surgeons:


    Smooth Implants: It is one of the most sophisticated, completely transparent and delicate textures of implants. These are used to give a natural and aesthetic appearance to the breasts.


    Non-Textured Implants: These implants have a translucent texture. They are created using cutting-edge technologies to provide a natural look and a smooth feel.


    Textured Implants: They have a rough texture. The surface has lines and curvatures that you can touch. These implants are typically not recommended since they have higher negative effects associated.


    Saline Implants: Saline implants involve a silicone gel case and a saline solution as the filler material. The above-mentioned items are composed primarily of silicone gel, both in terms of material and filler.

    Dr Rajat Gupta at RG Aesthetics will recommend the best implant type for you depending on your physical, medical and aesthetic needs.

    The implant’s design and location are important factors in deciding your ultimate result; hence, it is advisable to choose experienced surgeons for your surgery. You’re in safe hands as long as you get your surgery done with expert surgeons like Dr Rajat Gupta. He follows all of the preventive measures to avoid risks and complications to ensure your breast augmentation procedure should go off without a mishap and you should recover without contractures.

    Wrapping it Up!

    One of the very prominent queries every patient raises when they visit the surgeon for the first time is the breast augmentation cost in Delhi. There is no one-size-fits cost for the surgery because multiple factors influence it. However, always remember that your surgeon plays an important role when it comes to cost.

    It is good to avoid any sudden movements or intense activity for at least two weeks. However, walking and other common activities are permitted. It is good to wear a compression garment for at least four weeks after the procedure to have a safe recovery.  Consult your surgeon if you experience any unexpected symptoms or before returning to vigorous physical activity for at least 8 weeks after surgery.

    The recovery period is completely smooth and risk-free if the surgery is performed by an expert and board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr Rajat Gupta. It only takes one day to perform the entire surgery, and the patients can go back home the same day. Like any other surgery, you can experience a few complications if you avoid the post-surgery recovery guidelines, proper medication, and painkillers suggested by your surgeon.

    You may love your new body and show it off to the world as long as you keep the pointers advised by your surgeon regarding recovery and preparation in mind and take the necessary precautions to avoid the common consequences.

    Dr Rajat Gupta, our board-certified plastic surgeon in Delhi, has over a decade of expertise doing breast augmentation procedure at RG Aesthetics. He follows international standards of patient care as one of India’s greatest plastic surgeons.

    He’s also an expert on the MicroAire and VASER technologies, which help with various body sculpting techniques, and he teaches training sessions on how to use them all across the nation. Furthermore, we are the only facility in India that employs an implant funnel, minimising human interaction and maximising patient safety throughout the breast augmentation process with utmost satisfactory results.

    Dr. Rajat Gupta

    MBBS, MS, DNB(Gen. Surg.),
    DNB (Plastic Surgery)

    Dr. Rajat Gupta is a board certified plastic surgeon in India with 13 years of experience to back his expertise in the domain of aesthetic surgeries.

    Having completed his training from Maulana Azad Medical College and equipped with a thorough understanding of aesthetic needs of people, Dr. Gupta strives to offer the best remedies and cosmetic procedures outfitted with the latest technology to the aspirants in India and across the globe. To book an appointment, call: +91-9251711711 or email:

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