Ultimate Guide for Breast Enhancement

Breast Enhancement

Ultimate Guide for Breast Enhancement

Surgeries performed to enhance breasts are a process that alters the appearance of a woman’s breasts. Such procedures are performed for several reasons. Some are done for aesthetic purposes, like reconstructing the breast to make it seem younger or increasing its size. Others, such as breast reduction for back discomfort or cancer surgery, are a medical requirement. This blog will help you understand the different surgical treatment options and home remedies for breast enlargement or enhancement.

What are the surgical procedures for breast enhancement?

There are total of three types of surgical procedures for breast contouring.

  • Breast Augmentation Procedure
  • Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure
  • Breast Lift Procedure

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation, often known as breast enlargement, is one of today’s most popular cosmetic treatments. It is perfect for ladies who are self-conscious about their tiny breasts, and it alleviates any unhappiness people may have with their bodies. Such discontent, especially over time, can negatively affect an individual’s emotional and mental health. After all, there would be no such thing as a perfect physique in an ideal world. But we live in a society where a specific shape defines beauty and seeking that shape is not a crime.

Breast Enhancement

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    How is the procedure done?

    Only a few natural events might cause your breast size to grow, and pregnancy is one of these. However, we may presume that most women desiring breast augmentation would not like to continue a pregnancy for nine months to gain it. Therefore, being a skilled and board-certified plastic surgeon in Delhi, Dr Rajat Gupta has a variety of ways to improve the procedure’s safety.

    Let’s go through the two primary methods for getting a breast augmentation.

    • Fat Grafting
    • Implants


    Fat Grafting

    Under the fat grafting technique, the breast augmentation procedure is done with liposuction. It removes resistant fat deposits from the required area of your body. Professional plastic surgeons now have exposure to the most advanced liposuction equipment, including MicroAire and VASER.

    When these technologies are used together, the outcomes are far superior to standard liposuction. They also do minor damage to fat cells since they are less stressful to the body. This means that a more significant amount of removed fat may be processed and reused for improvement. This is the way of getting fat grafting done in breast augmentation!

    The drawback of fat grafting is that you only move up 12 or one cup size. You’re the right candidate for the second option if you desire more.



    Because of its ruggedness, textured implants can cause issues such as capsular contracture. Softer implants appear more natural in your body.

    Breast implants are the most popular breast enlargement method, and silicone gel implants are the most common type of implant. Because they are artificial, they can be truly tailored to your specified requirements.


    Implants are classified into three types:

    Smooth implant: This is an entirely transparent implant comprised of a very cohesive silicone gel of the 7th generation. It takes on a more natural shape on its own and never loses its form, even when split into pieces.

    Nano-textured implant: This transparent implant is composed of the same silicone gel as the previous one. It also takes on a more natural form and retains its contour.

    Textured implant: An opaque implant that does not take on a more natural form. Instead, it is harsh and remains spherical rather than drooping slightly, giving the lady an unnatural appearance.

    How to Plan for the surgery beforehand?

    Before you go in for a breast augmentation procedure, every patient is supposed to be aware of the following pointers:

    • Approaches of breast augmentation procedures
    • Cost of breast augmentation
    • Impact on appearance due to different planes
    • Potential risks
    • All about capsular contracture

    So, let’s understand in brief about the planning.


    1- Approaches of Breast Augmentation Procedures

    Different approaches are used for breast augmentation procedures. These techniques are determined mainly by the type of cut obtained, i.e., the location of the incision. However, each incision has advantages and disadvantages that you should thoroughly consider with your surgeon before proceeding with the treatment.

    An incision can be done in three spots:

    Trans-axillary incision: Your surgeon makes the incision under your arm, under the armpit, and conceals the ensuing scar in the axilla. However, this is worrisome since sweat glands in the armpits are an excellent breeding ground for germs. As a result, an infection might occur.

    Periareolar incision: Your surgeon makes the incision at the areola’s edge. This is the point at which your breast’s pale skin joins the darker skin around your nipple. As a result, the scar is nicely concealed, making this approach appreciated by certain patients.

    Inframammary Cut: Your surgeon will cut your breast, entirely hidden from view. Many doctors recommend this since the scar is covered even if the patient is undressed. While these are the various incisions for implant placement, the actual location is equally important.


    2- Cost of Breast Augmentation

    Breast augmentation, like any other medical operation, has various cost-determining aspects. There is no set cost, and as a result, it is dependent on the surgeon you contact. The cost of breast augmentation in Delhi often reflects the surgeon’s competence and the centre’s infrastructure.

    When it comes to determining the cost, three factors must be considered:

    • Expertise Surgeon
    • Facilities & Centre
    • Procedures


    Expertise Surgeon

    In this situation, the most crucial person is the person who will operate the procedures on you, i.e., your surgeon. Choosing an expertise plastic surgeon in Delhi is vital, so you want someone who has all the essential qualifications. This implies you should select a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-known in their area.

    You may get more information about a surgeon’s skill by reading online reviews and testimonials. Speaking with them directly and interacting with the surgeon before your operation is critical since you want someone who can provide the outcomes they claim.

    It has always been advised to go for someone truthful with you and not just give you what you want to hear. This is quite crucial. If the surgeon is honest with you, it implies that they care about you and your specific requirements since they desire what is best for you and provide you with reasonable anticipations.


    Facilities & Centre

    Along with selecting a surgeon, you should consider the facility they practise. You should check if it’s a clinic or hospital. Is it equipped with the infrastructure required for the most satisfactory results?

    Is it equipped with cutting-edge technology? An outstanding cosmetic surgery centre should feature advanced technology such as MicroAire and VASER. It should be hygienic, and it should be recognised as an official and legitimate centre. As a result, it should be bound by the same rules as your surgeon.



    The technique is created by integrating the surgeon and the centre – what method does your surgeon use? Do they solely have standard liposuction tools? What about more advanced and complex devices, such as MicroAire and VASER? Just because they have access to the tools does not guarantee they can utilise them effectively.

    What procedure is used to insert breast implants? What types of planes do they use to place breast implants? We will go through these in further detail later. Is it possible for your surgeon to do “quick recovery breast augmentation” using their chosen technique?

    It would be best to verify that they are familiar with all these tools and strategies. Modern procedures are far less traumatic, allowing immediate recovery and as little discomfort as possible after breast augmentation surgery.

    When these three elements are held to the most significant degree, the cost of breast enlargement rises. However, if they are not held to the most incredible level, the quality falls. Therefore, while opting for breast augmentation, you should not be concerned with the expense. You must select a surgeon and a centre that are a good fit for your needs to avoid the necessity for further corrective surgeries.

    3- Impact on Appearance Due to Different Planes

    The placement of breast implants is essential since it impacts the outcome. Your implant can be put on one of two planes:

    Subfascial Procedure: The implant is put between the breast tissue and muscle in this plane. As a result, it is also known as the above-the-muscle method. This approach provides you with a complete view of the top pole.

    Dual-plane Technique: As the name implies, the dual-plane technique inserts the implant behind the breast tissue and muscle planes. As a result, the implant is much more stable behind the strength. The end effect is considerably more natural and attractive, especially if you are a slender girl.

    4- Potential Risks

    When an implant is inserted into the body, the body’s natural response is to form a thin, soft covering over it. The capsule is the body’s method of absorbing a foreign material. Capsular contracture develops when this layer becomes diseased, hardening and roughening.

    Breast augmentation procedure is associated with breast cancer, which is an unfortunate misconception. This statement has no scientific foundation, and there is no scientific evidence to support a relationship between breast augmentation and breast cancer.

    In fact, after undergoing chemotherapy and having their natural breast tissue removed, many women choose breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is an excellent restorative procedure. When a tumour is removed during cancer surgery, it frequently leaves a deformity behind. Breast augmentation is a procedure used by expert plastic surgeons to remedy this.

    ALCL – a rare kind of blood cancer that textured implants may induce – is the only malignancy that has been linked to breast implants. However, there is currently insufficient compelling data to establish a proper relationship. ALCL has been associated in specific research to capsular contracture development, which is avoided by a series of stages throughout the treatment! But what exactly does capsular contracture means? Let’s understand about it.


    Capsular contracture

    When an implant is into the body, its natural response is to form a thin, soft covering over it. The capsule is the body’s method of absorbing a foreign material. Capsular contracture develops when this layer becomes diseased, hardening and roughening.

    This can cause a great deal of discomfort and is utterly unwelcome. In this scenario, it has the following consequences:

    • Touching the spot causes distress.
    • It can alter the form of the body and organs.
    • It can alter the form of the implant.

    Before and After

    Myths and Facts

    Myth: Breast Augmentation Can Affect Breastfeeding

    Fact: It is one of the most frequent breast surgery misconceptions. There is no medical proof that breast augmentation surgery impacts breastfeeding now. Breast implants have a minor impact on nursing. On the other side, Dr Rajat Gupta tells you that your breast implants do not interfere with nursing and that you may do so securely.


    Recovery Phase

    The healing procedure is easy when all the inquiries are effectively answered with the requisite expertise. When done by a specialist, breast augmentation takes only one day, and you may go home the same day.

    After five days of antibiotics and painkillers, you should be able to resume exercise within a week!

    There are just two measures to take:

    • For the next six weeks, no strenuous weightlifting above the shoulders.
    • Wear only sports bras for the next six weeks to ensure that your breasts retain their new form.

    You are free to enjoy your new physique and flaunt it off to the world if you keep these precautions in mind and stick to the required steps that help you prevent capsular contracture!

    You’re in excellent hands if your surgeon follows all these guidelines. Your breast augmentation should go down without a mishap, and you should heal without injuries!

    Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

    Breast augmentation is a term that most of us are aware of as this is one of the most common cosmetic surgery treatments in the world today, also referred to as a boob job. It reshapes and improves the breasts in a personalised manner. This surgery and its natural-looking outcomes might be a lifesaver for ladies who are highly self-conscious about their tiny breasts.

    However, in this article, we want to discuss ladies on the opposite end of the spectrum. Women all around the globe are choosing for smaller breasts via breast reduction surgery, and it’s reasonable to wonder what produced such a transformation. After all, if larger breasts are a sign of attractiveness, why else would a woman choose smaller breasts?


    What is breast reduction surgery?

    Breast reduction surgery is a widespread cosmetic practice all around the world. According to continual improvements around cosmetic surgery, breast reduction or mammoplasty has evolved to provide highly natural-looking and excellent outcomes.

    It is good for all types of patients. As said earlier, it is primarily intended for women who believe their breasts have become large and drooping, impacting both their body posture and consciousness.

    You can be an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery if you meet the following criteria:

    • You may undergo dissatisfaction and self-consciousness about the size of your breasts.
    • You have shoulder and upper backache because of your large breasts.
    • Due to the bra straps, you acquire deep furrows in your shoulders.
    • Skin alternation occurs in the submammary region.
    • Your breasts are drooping or ptotic.
    • You have scars because of having large breasts.
    • You have large breasts.
    • One of the breasts size is bigger than the other.
    • Your breasts have an unappealing form.
    • Your breasts have either sagged; your skin is excessively loose.

    Mammoplasty effectively combats any condition you may be experiencing. The primary goal of this surgical procedure is to develop breasts that are proportional to the width of the thorax and shoulders.

    Maintaining such symmetry provides natural-looking pleasant results while also assisting your body in maintaining its stability and centre of gravity. These are necessary to not constantly bend forward or stoop over because of your large breasts. Instead, you are always at ease in your skin.

    Why do women opt for breast reduction surgery?

    Women choose breast reduction surgical procedures for various reasons, the most common of which is comfort. While large breasts, such as double D-cups or E-cups, may be considered attractive by individuals who do not have them, they are a problem for many women. Such breasts are physiologically impossible to be light and attractive.

    Aside from the appearance, such vast and hefty breasts also add weight to the body. They cause the lady to lean forward, causing pain in her upper back. Furthermore, they are the most influenced by gravity because of their weight. As a result, they droop more than small boobs. This drooping also drags the lady down, causing her bra to sag even more. The bra straps can cut into the shoulder, damage the skin, and hurt the woman’s physical formation.

    In terms of appearance, large, drooping breasts are unappealing. They frequently appear deflated, especially if the lady has had numerous children. Such an expression might make her feel less gorgeous than she should. Looking in the mirror all day and not appreciating what you see may have a significant psychological impact on a person. It has a considerable influence on self-esteem and diminishes their self-image. As a result, many women choose breast reduction surgery.

    All of this is available at the low cost of breast reduction surgery! This leads us to the next question.


    What is the cost of breast reduction surgery?

    Breast reduction surgery, just like every other operation, does not have a set pricing. While many patients would like a single solution, it is just not possible. There are too many variables that influence the cost of breast reduction surgery, and when making your decision, you must consider all of them.

    These are broadly classified into three categories:  

    • The Skills of Your Surgeon
    • The Centre’s Quality
    • The Quality of the Surgeon’s Approach

    The Skills of Your Surgeon 

    The first thing you must consider is your plastic surgeon in Delhi. While a cheaper choice may appear to be preferable, you would want the services of an experienced surgeon. They have total authority, which implies they could provide you with either precisely what you desire or something unwanted. You could get the latter if you hire an average surgeon who professes to be knowledgeable in plastic surgery.

    However, if you pick a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of expertise and good testimonies, you will be considerably more likely to achieve the desired results. Or, at the very least, the outcomes you deserve.


    The Centre’s Quality

    Without the centre, a surgeon is nothing. The facility might be a hospital or a clinic. Whichever it is, they must be appropriately equipped with all the necessary tools to provide the most significant outcomes. Without cutting-edge technology, your quality of healthcare services declines, and you suffer as a result.

    The most recent technology also ensures that you suffer the slightest trauma. This is advantageous, particularly during rehabilitation, because it is far more pleasant and comfortable with minor trauma.


    The Quality of the Surgeon’s Approach 

    Current technology necessitates the use of modern techniques. As a result, be confident that your surgeon understands how to use the technologies they have access to. For reference, if they are aware of liposuction, verify that they are also familiar with equipment like as MicroAire and VASER.

    While these devices may raise the cost of breast reduction surgery, they also minimise trauma, which we have identified as desirable. This dramatically improves the patient’s recovery. Because technology has advanced, the surgeon has greater control over the outcome, which automatically implies better results suited to your preferences.

    These are the considerations you should evaluate before deciding on a breast reduction surgery procedure.

    Do less expensive options have any effect on the outcome?

    They do, indeed. The trouble with lowering your standards is that you may wind up with poor outcomes, and you should not be inclined to accept this risk. Especially considering the cost of fixing a cosmetic operation turned out badly is more than the cost of undergoing the procedure in the first place.

    It’s crucial to take the right decision and create high expectations. High standards are a great place to start if you want to boost your self-esteem and self-worth. High standards demonstrate that you are deserving of better. They want you to take your own needs and desires seriously. This is critical since it is part of the personal path of feeling comfortable in your flesh.

    So, now that you exactly know what you’re looking for and what to expect in terms of breast reduction surgery costs let’s talk about the procedure.

    What procedure are performed under breast reduction surgery?

    Mammoplasty is often performed by incisions in your breasts and surgically removing extra fat, glandular tissue, and skin. The surgeon may remove unwanted fat with Liposuction depending on the patient’s demands.

    The following factors influence the procedure applied in mammoplasty:

    • The intended amount of elimination
    • The patient’s specific illness
    • The breast structures
    • One ‘s individual preferences
    • The surgeon’s recommendation

    Keeping all these elements in mind during the operation delivers the greatest outcomes. So, what exactly is the procedure?


    First Step: Anaesthesia 

    Breast reduction surgery in Delhi, like any other operation, must be conducted under general or local anaesthetic, and this improves the patient’s comfort and minimises discomfort.


    Second Step: The Short-Scar Technique

    As previously said, the methodology is everything—the more complicated the procedure, the more expensive the breast reduction surgery. However, the short scar procedure is well worth the effort. The objective of any cosmetic operation is to get results that appear natural. The short-scar treatment helps because the scar is covered and almost entirely vanishes after recovery. The incision is performed under the breast to the areola and around the areola in the short scar procedure. It’s created at the point where bright skin turns black. This effectively conceals the resultant scar.


    Third Step: Excessive Fat and Tissue Removal

    As previously said, Liposuction may be used to remove extra fat. The use of the most recent Power-Assisted (PAL) and Ultrasound-Assisted (UAL) Liposuction techniques provides the most significant outcomes.

    The MicroAire machine is used for PAL. A tiny, blunt cannula moves back and forth rapidly, ripping up the fat & superfluous tissue. This is then drained out of the system. UAL is also performed using a VASER machine, which uses ultrasonic radiation to break and emulsify fat, implying quick and easy extraction.

    VASER also generates heat, which causes the skin to constrict. It seems natural when the skin contracts over the excised and relocated tissue. Tissue should always be the primary removal target, and removing more fat than tissue might result in deflated and unattractive breasts.


    Fourth Step: Excess Skin Extraction and Realignment of the Areola and Nipple

    Mastopexy is indicated by mammoplasty. A breast lift always accompanies breast reduction, and heavy breasts frequently droop, forcing the nipples to point downwards. This also strains the skin, causing it to lose suppleness and stretch out. This extra skin must also be surgically removed, depending on the degree of breast reduction desired by the patient.

    In addition, the nipple and areola on each breast must be adjusted so that they point upwards. This results in a more youthful and better appearance. If you’re concerned about how this may affect the expense of breast reduction surgery, be assured that the outcomes will be worth it. Your objective is to get nice-looking breasts, which is only possible with a breast lift.


    Fifth Step: Enhancing the Appearance

    Deflated breasts frequently resemble deflated balloons. Even after tightening and repositioning the tissue so that everything points vertically, it may still appear quite strange. To counteract this, your breast reduction surgery in Delhi may incorporate a modest augmentation of your breasts on top and just a little cushioning to round everything out. When your surgeon makes this adjustment, the resultant breasts are beautiful and pointy, as they should be.


    Sixth and Last Step: Incisions are Being Closed

    The incisions are closed, which helps to reshape the now smaller breast. Sutures are extensively layered into the breast tissue, adding to the enhancement and support of the newly formed breasts. Although the wounds are persistent, they fade and heal considerably with time.

    Before and After

    Myths and Facts

    Myth: Only women can go for breast reduction

    Fact:  Anyone willing to reduce and reshape their breasts can undergo surgery, be it, men or women. Nevertheless, treatment options for both will be different, which brings us to the next question.


    What is the right treatment option for male breast reduction?

    Gynecomastia, popularly known as male boobs, is the right treatment option for male breast reduction. It is a hormonal disorder that affects men worldwide. This is caused by a hormonal imbalance throughout adolescence, which results in the formation of breast tissue. Because it is a tissue growth, only cosmetic surgery can eliminate it.


    What is the procedure of Gynecomastia?

    Gynecomastia, popularly known as male boobs, is the right treatment option for male breast reduction. It is a hormonal disorder that affects men worldwide, and this is caused by a hormonal imbalance throughout adolescence, which results in the formation of breast tissue. Because it is a tissue growth, only cosmetic surgery can eliminate it.


    What is the cost of Gynecomastia treatment?

    The cost of breast reduction surgery for males is calculated in the same way for women based on the surgeon, centre, and technique. Although a surgeon who makes the incision next to the chest may charge less, the patient is typically self-conscious about the subsequent scar. As a result, they can still participate in topless activities such as swimming or beach vacations, and their self-esteem is still poor. The type of outcomes you obtain is determined by such technical expertise. As a result, it should always be something you consider.

    What is the recovery phase of breast reduction surgery?

    Your surgeon should provide you with a compression garment tailored to your size, and this helps retain your breasts in their new form and provides the most significant outcomes. The patient should wear the garment 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for at least three weeks while your body repairs and rebounds.

    This is the healing timetable you may expect:

    • Within the first 24-48 hours, you may suffer some swelling, bruising, and soreness, but you should be able to conduct your regular duties and go for a stroll if desired.
    • You can return to work three days after surgery if you have a seated job without intense exercise.
    • Seven days after surgery, you may resume driving, but you must constantly wear the compression garment, which the patient must wear during the day and at night.
    • For one month: Most of the bruising, pain, and swelling should have subsided by this stage. Most of the patient’s report feeling normal.
    • After 6-8 weeks, you can resume entire physical exercise.

    Over the next three months, the breasts will “settle” into their ultimate position.

    Breast reduction surgery in Delhi produces long-term outcomes. Your new breasts should help alleviate the discomfort and physical restrictions you were experiencing before mammoplasty. Your better-proportioned physique will help improve your personality and courage.

    What are some frequently asked questions about mammoplasty?

    Breastfeeding is safe after breast reduction, and the technique does not affect the lactation glands. As a result, if you want to be a mother, feeding is a viable option.

    No, as previously said, utilising anaesthetic guarantees that you are not in discomfort during the process. All you receive instead are high-quality, superb outcomes.

    Because the tissues are compressed, and extra skin is removed, there could be some pain and stiffness. This is anticipated, and it is readily treated with simple, over-the-counter pain relievers.

    This is, in fact, one of the most secure processes. You will receive good outcomes as long once you have a board-certified plastic surgeon who knows all the technologies at their fingertips, and they must be thoroughly familiar with the processes and equipment. Then you get what you expect!

    No, it doesn’t. Liposuction can be performed to remove some extra fat, but the breasts seem severely deflated if the sole procedure is utilised. The primary location of removal is the tissue. Removing some excess fat along with the tissue is fine, but removing the fat solely can cause the breasts to droop even more and appear worse.

    Lastly, remember to maintain your surgeon, centre, and approach in mind always. Higher standards may raise the price of breast reduction surgery, but it is a modest thing to pay for lifelong bliss.

    Breast Lift Procedure

    Breasts can be given a more proportionate shape and youthful appearance if performed by a skilled cosmetic surgeon. Women with droopy breasts or nipples that point downwards may benefit from the operation. A breast lift restores a firmer and more visually acceptable form to your drooping breasts while increasing your self-confidence.

    A breast lift will not considerably increase the size of your breasts. Still, ladies may get attractive and proportional breasts with a combination of operations like breast augmentation or breast reduction.


    What is a breast lift?

    Mastopexy is another term for breast lift surgery. The purpose of this surgery is to elevate sagging breasts. A woman’s breasts begin to droop and lose their youthful appearance due to various factors such as age, pregnancy, nursing, or severe weight loss.

    If you consider Breast Lift Surgery, continue reading to discover more about the process, preparation, and recovery.

    What procedures are performed under breast lift surgery?

    A board-certified plastic surgeon performs Breast Lift surgery as an outpatient treatment. During this treatment, incisions are performed on the area, and excessive tissues underneath are removed. There is far less scarring, which fades with time, and you can get the ideal results.

    The following are the surgical stages for this procedure:

    • The surgeon makes incisions in the area after applying a general or local anaesthetic.
    • Incisions are made near the areola, which is known as a periareolar incision, or vertically down from the areola to the breast crease, which is known as an inframammary incision. The surgeon deliberately makes the incisions in the periareolar region (in which the pale skin meets the dark skin) or behind the breast, commonly known as the inframammary incision. Being a board-certified plastic surgeon at RG Aesthetics, Dr Rajat Gupta believes that inframammary incisions are the safest of all incision locations.
    • The extra tissues deep within the skin are excised once the incisions are created.
    • The surgeon next reshapes the remaining tissue and reassembles the nipple and areola.
    • If the areola is larger, the surgeon extracts the skin around the areola.
    • As the wounds are repaired with sutures or skin adhesives, the remaining skin is tightened.

    To assist you see your post-surgery breast shape on your digital photos, we employ Crisalix 3D Simulation, a ground-breaking technique. Ensure a consultation before proceeding with the procedure and ensure that you want it done.


    Who is eligible for the procedure?

    A breast lift is not for everyone. If you plan to undergo pregnancy in the future, you should postpone the surgery. During pregnancy, your breasts may expand and inflict damage on the lift results. On the other hand, breast lifts do not affect future breastfeeding if performed by an experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeon. An expert surgeon will not detach the nipples from the breast tissue, ensuring that future breastfeeding is not hampered.

    A breast lift is supposed to be performed on breasts of any size; however, it produces the best long-term outcomes on tiny, drooping breasts. Larger breasts’ heavyweight may cause the breasts to sag again, and it is often recommended that breast reduction surgery be performed in conjunction with breast lift surgery for long-term outcomes.

    You are eligible for surgery if you meet the following criteria:

    • You are in good physical condition.
    • Your breasts are drooping and pointing downwards.
    • You have sagging skin or big areolas.
    • You have reasonable expectations for the procedure.
    • One of your breasts is lower to the ground than the other.

    Where and from whom one should get their breast Lift surgery done?

    You must ensure that the doctor is competent and board-certified before undergoing surgery. The facility where the surgeon will do the operation meets international standards and employs cutting-edge technology and equipment. It would help if you also discussed freely with the surgeon the technique they would use to decide the result. After considering all the above and being pleased with each element, you should consider having the surgery.


    What are the perks of undergoing breast lift surgery?

    If you have decided that you want to have a breast lift surgery, here are some of the advantages that we have outlined for you:

    • It contributes to the volume and overall shape of your breasts.
    • The procedure revitalises drooping breasts.
    • Breast raise assists in reorienting the nipple and areola such that they are higher in position.
    • It contributes to the attractive curvature.
    • It helps your breasts appear firmer and younger.
    • It improves the prominence of the nipple.
    • It alleviates under-breast discomfort.

    What to anticipate from the surgery?

    Here’s a summary of what to anticipate before, during, and after surgery:

    Before the Surgery

    Before undergoing treatment, you must have an in-depth discussion with a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine what you expect from the procedure, as well as potential problems and the results. Following the talk, the surgeon will order specific blood tests to check fit for surgery. If you are taking medication, the surgeon will also alter it.

    It is recommended that you cease smoking a month well before treatment and continue to do so for a month after that. If you use blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications, stop using them two weeks before surgery. Quit using any recreational drugs, such as cocaine. Finally, make arrangements for transport to take you home following the procedure.


    Throughout the Surgery

    Because it is an outpatient procedure, you can go to the surgeon’s private practice/outpatient surgical centre. The surgeon will mark the required area for your nipple, and you will be administered local or general anaesthetic to prevent discomfort.

    The treatment will begin with the surgeon removing extra skin and tissue before lifting your breast further into the designated spot. The surgeon will place the implants and seal the wound with sutures or skin adhesion if you have implants.


    After the Surgery

    The day after your surgery, you can resume your usual daily activities. You should anticipate being sore for another few days after the procedure. Your surgeon may advise you to use a pressure bra or dressings to give the necessary support for your breasts. Your surgeon may also prescribe pain relievers for the first week. Your stitches will be removed in 2 to 3 weeks, and your breast will gradually mend and take on the suitable form and contour.

    Before and After

    Myths and Facts

    Myth 1: Every Breast Lift Procedure Is the only procedure for breast enhancement.

    Fact: Breast lift surgery is not a one-size-fits-all procedure, and it’s the furthest thing from the truth. The surgeon can utilise various methods to restore your breasts’ young shape and look.


    Myth 2: Your Breasts Will Grow Larger After a Breast Lift

    Fact: Breast lift surgery itself will not boost the size of your breasts. Its purpose is to lift drooping breasts by eliminating and tightening excessive tissue. Your breasts will be fuller and firmer after the operation, not larger. If you want vast and full breasts, you’ll need to complement your breast lift with breast augmentation. In this manner, you may use implants to treat concerns like skin problems and sagging nipples while still providing appealing volume.

    What is the recovery phase of breast lift?

    The next day, you can resume your usual daily activities. Post-op, you may have some stiffness in the breast, which is a typical healing phase. Every woman’s body is unique, so if you take adequate care of yourself after surgery, as recommended by the surgeon, the average period for full recovery is 4-6 weeks, after which the surgeon will advise you to resume any physical activity after inspecting you.

    At RG Aesthetics, we provide you with suitable massage techniques as well as an article of customised compressive clothing to make your healing go as easily and as quickly as possible. Dr Rajat Gupta recommends wearing the compression garment for at least six weeks for the most significant benefits.

    The patient can observe apparent changes in the breast contour after surgery. However, this may alter more as the body recovers. There are slight chances of having scars on the body that is well covered and will fade with time. The procedure leads to more proportional and perkier breasts and regained youthfulness.


    What Is the Difference Between a Breast Lift and a Breast Augmentation?

    The final question that prospective breast augmentation patients have considered is the distinction between a breast lift and a breast augmentation. There is an excellent line between them, and when discussing breast enhancement, they are frequently used interchangeably.

    Breast lifts, on the other hand, are pretty different. Breast lifts are for those who have had rapid weight loss, had several pregnancies, or whose breasts have begun to droop due to age and gravity.

    A breast lift does exactly what it claims it does: it elevates the breasts and repositions the nipple to point higher. The main objective of a breast lift is to make the breasts perkier and more young, not larger.

    Board-certified specialist plastic surgeons frequently combine breast augmentation and breast lift surgery procedures. Instead, just raising the breast, they add some padding, resulting in larger, curvier, more attractive, and, most significantly, more natural-looking breasts.

    As a result, breast augmentation is not the solution if you have drooping breasts that appear aged and uninteresting, and it is merely a component of the solution. What you require is a breast lift, which can be performed with or without the addition of implants. Alternatively, you can employ fat grafting instead of implants for extra padding and rounding. In any case, breast lifts and breast augmentation operations differ in terms of the ultimate results and the surgery itself.

    There are certain cases where the patient might not need to undergo surgeries as the non-surgical or home remedies would be enough for breast enhancement. Let’s understand it in brief.


    What are the home remedies for breast enlargement?

    Whether breast augmentation surgery is not on your wish list, you may be wondering if there are natural alternatives to change your breast size. However, there are very few activities you can do to enhance the size of your breasts. While exercise, particularly strength training, might improve the overall look of your chest muscles, it will do little to raise the size of your breasts or cup size.

    Here are a few of the best moves you can take to increase muscle and improve your appearance.

    • Dumbbell chest presses work the pecs, shoulders, and triceps. Your surgeon may perform this motion at home or the gym. Use a bench for added support when executing the dumbbell chest press at the gym. You may do the workout at home while lying on the ground.
    • The pec fly, unlike the chest press, is a shaping exercise that you should not perform with significant weight. This exercise focuses on the pecs and the front shoulder, and it also offers a more considerable stretch than the press. You may undergo this exercise at home or the gym.
    • Push-ups are among the most adaptable chest workouts since they can be done anywhere. They are also simple to change. Push-ups work the breast, shoulders, and triceps. It also necessitates using core muscles to assist stabilise and maintain your body during the activity.

    Diet alone will not affect your breast size. However, if you gain weight because of ingesting too many calories, you will see a rise in fatty tissue in your breast, but you will also observe that other portions of your body have expanded in size as well.

    If you use strength training as part of your workout program, you’ve probably noticed some favourable changes in your general muscle growth and tone. Strength exercise, particularly with greater weights, can induce muscular growth. This may appear to some as an expansion in breast size, stiffness, and fullness, but it is only a growth in the pectoral muscles, which lay behind the breasts.

    Also, keep an eye out for any weight changes or hormonal fluctuations since these might impact how your breasts look and feel. Nevertheless, your breast size has nothing to do with your attractiveness or worth. You’ll find that by working out and maintaining care of your body, you’ll have more confidence and enthusiasm than ever before.

    Dr Rajat Gupta, the board-certified plastic surgeon in Delhi, has over a decade of expertise doing breast augmentation surgeries at RG Aesthetics. He conforms to international patient care standards as one of India’s most outstanding plastic surgeons.

    He is also knowledgeable with the MicroAire and VASER technologies, which help in various body sculpting treatments, and he provides training sessions on their use around the country. Furthermore, we are the only facility in India that uses an implant tube for minimising human interaction and maximising patient safety throughout the breast enlargement or enhancement process!

    Dr. Rajat Gupta

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    DNB (Plastic Surgery)

    Dr. Rajat Gupta is a board certified plastic surgeon in India with 12 years of experience to back his expertise in the domain of aesthetic surgeries.

    Having completed his training from Maulana Azad Medical College and equipped with a thorough understanding of aesthetic needs of people, Dr. Gupta strives to offer the best remedies and cosmetic procedures outfitted with the latest technology to the aspirants in India and across the globe. To book an appointment, call: +91-9251711711 or email: contact@drrajatgupta.com

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