Does Breast lift Affect Breast-Feeding?

Breast lift affect Breastfeeding

Does Breast lift Affect Breast-Feeding?

Weight loss, childbirth etc., may have given you distended breasts which impacted their appearance. So many women opt for a breast lift to impart a “perky” appearance. Breast lift is a surgical procedure to eliminate excess skin and breast tissue. They also reposition your breasts for a youthful and healthy appearance.

It’s a typical concern for any woman to be bothered about the effect of breast lift on their daily life.  Especially if you plan to expand your family soon, you may be anxious over whether breast lift affect breast-feeding?

The answer is Yes! However, there’s a flip side to it.

Breast lift is a simple surgery, if performed by a qualified surgeon who knows his job well, these after effects can be completely eliminated. Once you recover completely after a successful surgery, you can breastfeed in the most natural manner.

Is it safe to breast lift and breastfeed?

Plastic surgeons agree that if you could breastfeed before breast lift, the surgery may not interfere with breastfeeding after surgery. The breast lift procedure does not affect lactating or breastfeeding function.

Most women do not find any hindrance to breastfeeding once they are completely healed. The board-certified surgeon ensures the nipple-areola complex is intact. This enables a feeding mother to take the babies to latch on smoothly. Moreover, the minor incisions around the areola nipple complex and the innovative techniques expedite wound healing.

Additionally, breast lift surgery does not disturb the milk ducts or mammary glands. This facilitates normal lactation or milk secretion. This assumes that you were breastfeeding before the breast lift surgery. This further ensures that breast lift does not interfere with your ability in breastfeeding.

Breast lift affect Breastfeeding

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    Will the breasts function normally post breast lift surgery?

    Certainly, after a recovery from breast lift surgery, you can experience all the sensations you felt before surgery. They include a normal sensation in the nipples response to temperature variation. Moreover, you may also notice regular breast changes in appearance and sensation during your menstrual periods. However, this is attained after recovery.

    Recovery and Results

    The factor that affects the recovery and your breast’s function depends mainly on the procedure and technique implemented by your plastic surgeon. A well-experienced surgeon diligently uses minimally invasive techniques to eliminate the excess tissue and skin. This ensures rapid healing and an exceptional result with natural aesthetics.

    Nonetheless, the recovery stage may vary from case to case; your breast’s function and sensation will be normal within a few weeks or months after the surgery. Alongside, you get a perky and youthful breast without interrupting breastfeeding or any other function. However, your recovery depends on the post-operative care you follow. A compression garment is to be worn as advised by your plastic surgeon. Refrain from strenuous activities until recovery. It may prevent any strain on the wound.

    Are you still worried about breast lift and breastfeeding or simply curious about a breast lift? There’s no better way to get clarified than to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon. Everything across the phase of surgery may vary from each other. Only an expert plastic surgeon can help. Reach out to Dr Rajat Gupta at RG Aesthetics to schedule your appointment right away.

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