How Can I Get Scarless Breast Lift Surgery?

Scarless Breast Lift Surgery

How Can I Get Scarless Breast Lift Surgery?

Beautiful breasts need not be big. They may be of any size. If they are perky and stunning, it reflects a feminine beauty. However, with age and body changes, the breasts may sag in the course of time. It may be due to childbirth, weight loss, breastfeeding, hormonal changes, etc. Under such instances, women opt for a breast lift. However, they have frequent questions.

How Can I Get Scarless Breast Lift surgery?

A breast lift is medically termed mastopexy. It is a surgical procedure that removes abnormal skin reshapes your breast tissue alongside repositioning the nipple-areola to an elevated position. It may be combined with breast augmentation or breast reduction for refined results.

A breast lift aims to restore your breasts to a firmer, perkier, and aesthetically appealing shape. However, prospective patients are worried about the scar that may incur post-surgery?

Scarless Breast Lift Surgery

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    Technique in Scarless Breast lift Surgery

    A board-certified surgeon makes the correct incision technique to ensure a scarless wound. Before a breast lift, your surgeon outlines a periareolar and inframammary incision.

    The periareolar incision is made at a point where the light skin of your breasts adjoins the darker, pigmented skin of your areola. Such incisions mask the resulting scar. It makes it unnoticeable and inconspicuous.

    The inframammary incision stretches from the areola to beneath or underside of the breast. Due to the nature of your breast’s skin, the scar fades significantly, making it almost invisible along with healing.

    Breast Lift Surgery in Delhi Procedure

    The surgery begins with anaesthesia. It may be local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia, depending on your needs. Your surgeon makes the incisions. Two kinds of incision may be used in breast lift – the peri-areolar and inframammary incisions.

    The peri-areolar incision may be given for minimal sagging breasts and skin. It is made around the nipple-areola region, where the darker skin of the areola joins the lighter skin. This masks the scar to enhance a more natural- aesthetic result.

    Alternatively, the inframammary incision may be given with abnormally sagging breasts with excess skin.

    This incision extends from the periareolar line downwards to the under-breast. This gives a lollipop-shaped incision. Surgeons agree that this incision is the safest access to your breast tissue. The scar from an inframammary incision may be visible; comparatively, the fast-healing ensures that the scar is inconspicuous as the wound heals.

    Your surgeon may remove any abnormal tissue and skin via these incisions. They reshape the remaining breast tissue for upper pole fullness. It imparts an aesthetically natural appearance to the breast. If the areola is too large, they also eliminate the skin around the nipple-areola to reposition the complex to a higher position.

    Once the breast lift is completed, your surgeon covers the incisions with absorbable sutures. A customised compression garment may be administered for your new chest.

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