Complete Guide to Breast Lift Surgery in Delhi

Breast Lift Surgery

Complete Guide to Breast Lift Surgery in Delhi

Each body part is beautiful in its own way! However, let’s call spade a spade; saggy breasts can be a big matter of concern for many women in the world. It can affect you physically by giving you body pain and mentally by lowering your self-confidence.

However, every problem has a solution, and breast lift surgery is the right solution. Keep reading how your saggy breasts can be cured easily with surgery by making you fall in love with your body!

Breast Lift Surgery in Delhi

Mastopexy is another name for breast lift surgery. The purpose of this surgery is to elevate sagging breasts. A woman’s breasts droop and lose their youthful appearance for various causes, including ageing, pregnancy, nursing, or severe weight loss.

The breasts can regain their youthfulness and proportion if treated by a competent cosmetic surgeon. If a woman’s breasts are droopy or her nipples point downwards, she may need surgery. A breast lift improves your self-confidence by giving your drooping breasts a firmer, more visually acceptable form.

Important Note: A breast lift will not drastically change the size of your breasts, but women can get attractive and proportional breasts by combining operations like breast augmentation or breast reduction.

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    Ideal Candidate for the Breast Lift Procedure

    A breast lift may be performed on any size of breasts, although it is most effective on small, drooping breasts. For bigger breasts, the weight of the breasts may cause them to droop again; hence it is usually recommended to combine breast reduction and breast lift surgery for long-term benefits.

    • You’re in good physical shape
    • Your breasts are drooping and pointing down
    • You’ve got flabby skin or a lot of areolas
    • You have realistic surgical expectations
    • You have an uneven size of breasts

    Perks of Breast Lift Surgery

    Since perkier and youthful breasts bring confidence as it is a sign of womanhood, women are always considerate about the projection of their breasts. One of the key perks of breast lift surgery is that it recovers a woman’s lost elegance and courage by restoring the breast to its usual position. This procedure is for any lady who believes her breast has lost its youthfulness and wants to restore it.

    It’s also worth remembering that Mastopexy only works for lifting the breasts. It does not add weight to your breasts or enlarge them in any way. This procedure also does not affect the size of your breasts. You’ll need to have breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery in addition to the lift procedure to achieve those exact alterations.


    Your breasts will seem younger as a result of the surgery

    The procedure elevates your breasts and removes the signs of drooping, giving them a more youthful appearance. By raising the nipple upwards, it also promotes perkiness.


    It enhances the general shape of the body

    Breast development can help you contour and sculpt your physique while attaining breast symmetry and overall body balance. The end outcome alters the appearance of your physique.


    It assists in the attainment of any desired volume

    You can get any desired roundness and fullness by combining Mastopexy with breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery. Breast augmentation surgery increases the volume of your breasts, whilst breast reduction surgery helps you minimise the size of your breasts.


    Reorientation of the nipple-areola complex to attain perky appearance

    The surgery realigns the nipple-areola complex, creating them perkier overall.


    The nipple-areola complex is reoriented during the surgery, making them perkier.

    The surgery realigns the nipple-areola complex, creating them perkier overall.


    It aims to relieve breast discomfort.

    Breast lift surgery transforms droopy breasts into firmer breasts, promoting healing in the region.


    It guarantees attractive breasts.

    Overall, the operation improves the appearance of your breast by restoring it to its natural position. The surgery improves the appearance of the breast and boosts your self-esteem.

    As a result, people who choose this operation get various benefits. Now let us understand how to prepare for the surgery to attain safer outcomes.

    How to Prepare for Surgery Beforehand?

    You should make an in-depth visit with a board-certified female plastic surgeon to discuss your expectations for the treatment and any potential complications and outcomes while preparing for the surgery. Following the appointment, your surgeon will order blood tests to ensure that you are in good enough health to undergo surgery. The surgeon will also change any drugs you’re taking.

    It is advisable to stop smoking a month before surgery and adhere to doing so for another month thereafter. Stop using blood thinners such as aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs two weeks before surgery as it can increase the chance of bleeding during the surgery. Stop taking recreational drugs of any type. Furthermore, arrange for a driver to drive you home after your surgery.

    Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

    Your breasts can regain their youthfulness and proportion if a skilled cosmetic surgeon performs a breast lift treatment. If a woman’s breasts are droopy or her nipples point downwards, she may need surgery. A breast lift improves self-confidence by giving your drooping breasts a firmer, more visually acceptable form.

    A board-certified plastic surgeon conducts breast lift surgery as an outpatient treatment. Your surgeon will create incisions on the areolar area, and extra tissues underneath are removed during this surgery. There are minor scars that disappear with time, and you can achieve the desired outcomes. After applying general or local anaesthesia, your surgeon will make incisions in the areolar area and inframammary incisions vertically down from the areola to the breast crease. The incisions are chosen and placed carefully to ensure that the resultant scar are barely visible. They’re either concealed behind the breasts or at the place where light and dark skin meet (periareolar) (inframammary). The inframammary incision is also the safest. Hence, it is preferred by expert surgeons.

    The underlying extra tissue is removed once the incisions are created as it reduces the efficiency and makes it easier to manage. We sculpt the remainder of the tissue and adjust the nipple and areola for a more natural look. These measurements enable us to position them at a more young height, giving your breasts a more youthful look.

    If required, your surgeon can decrease the swollen area by removing a portion of the areola skin around the edge. Excess skin is also removed to address the loss of suppleness in the skin. Eventually, the surgeon will use sutures or skin adhesives to tighten the remaining skin while the wounds are closed.

    At RG Aesthetics, Dr Rajat Gupta uses Crisalix 3D Simulation – a cutting-edge technique that allows you to see your post-surgery breast shape on digital photos. Get a consultation to be sure you want the surgery before you go ahead and get it done.

    Qualified Surgeon for the Breast Lift Surgery in Delhi

    You must ensure that the surgeon is competent and board-certified before undergoing surgery. The procedure should be conducted in a facility that meets international standards and uses cutting-edge technology and equipment. Not everyone is a candidate for a breast lift. If you want to become pregnant in the future, you may wish to postpone the surgery. Your breasts may expand during pregnancy, compromising the lift’s effects. On the other hand, a breast lift does not affect future breastfeeding If performed by an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon. A skilled surgeon will not detach the nipples from the breast tissue, ensuring that the future breastfeeding does not get affected by the breast lift surgery.

    Always remember to choose a surgeon with whom you can freely discuss your concerns and the procedure’s methodology to decide the end result. You should only contemplate surgery after learning all of the above and being happy with each factor.

    Myths and Facts about Breast Lift Surgery

    When women come in for breast lift surgery, they frequently come with many concerns and misconceptions about the surgery. Let us go through a few myths and facts revolving around breast lift surgery in Delhi.


    Creams and vitamins might help you get perky breasts.

    There is no lotion or pill on the market that can match the lifting impact of a surgical breast lift. While a few treatments or supplements may enhance skin elasticity by encouraging collagen formation or offering a minor degree of skin tightening, they are insufficient to raise the breasts naturally or provide significant and long-term results.

    On the other hand, breast lift surgery produces noticeable and long-lasting breast form, position, and symmetry changes. Extra skin is excised and tightened to form a new breast shape throughout the surgery. The surgery raises the breasts up against the chest wall, creating more youthful breast shapes.


    Perky breasts are attainable through exercise.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a miracle training routine that can help you elevate your drooping breasts. Chest workouts only strengthen the chest muscle and do not affect the tissue or skin of the breasts. While chest workouts can help you gain strength and confidence, they won’t help you move or contour your breasts.

    The skin should be addressed fully to elevate the breasts. Once elasticity is gone, skin that has been stretched due to age, weight gain/loss, or pregnancy will not bounce back into place. To develop a stronger, shapelier breast, the excess droopy skin must be surgically excised and reshaped.


    If you receive breast implants, you won’t need a lift.

    Some patients believe that choosing breast augmentation over a breast lift will result in perkier breasts. This may be true for a small percentage of women (those with far too little drooping and great skin flexibility), but a breast augmentation will not suffice for the vast majority of women; a breast augmentation will not suffice.

    Combining breast augmentation and breast lift procedures is the right option for those ladies who wish to increase volume and raise their breasts. The combination of surgery helps in improving droopiness and restores a youthful breast form while also giving ladies a larger chest.

    What to Anticipate During Recovery?

    The patient is released the same day as the Mastopexy and instructed to wear the personalised compression garment or a sports bra for the following six weeks. The results are apparent, but it will take some time for the surgery’s full consequences to manifest. The scars diminish to some extent after six months, and the breasts appear more natural and perkier than ever before.

    The patient must adhere to specific standards, which include seeing the surgeon at predetermined intervals. They can return to work on the third day following surgery and use pain and swelling drugs for five days. While you wait for the scar to develop, you must also refrain from lifting anything heavy for six weeks.

    Your breasts should have stabilised into their ultimate shape by the 6-month time. Even if you pair this with breast augmentation or reduction surgery, the recovery period will be the same. You receive improved outcomes that revive your breasts and restore their perkiness to the precise size you wish if you have a caring and skilled gold-medallist plastic surgeon in India like Dr Rajat Gupta.

    Breast lift surgery can help you look more impressive and feel more confident, and it can surely change your life. It is critical to select a certified surgeon to do your surgery. In this case, you may assign the responsibility to the professionals.

    When you pick a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr Rajat Gupta at RG Aesthetics, you can rest assured that your surgeon has reached the highest levels of training, experience, and expertise in cosmetic surgery to provide you with the results you wish!

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    Having completed his training from Maulana Azad Medical College and equipped with a thorough understanding of aesthetic needs of people, Dr. Gupta strives to offer the best remedies and cosmetic procedures outfitted with the latest technology to the aspirants in India and across the globe. To book an appointment, call: +91-9251711711 or email:

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