Breast Augmentation: Post Care Plan

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast Augmentation: Post Care Plan

If you are one of those women who just got their breast augmentation procedure done and don’t know what to do in their post-care plan – this is the right blog for you!

Almost every woman feels content when they undergo breast augmentation surgery as the outcome boosts their inner confidence and outer glow on their face. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure performed to enhance and increase the size of breasts either by fat grafting procedure or breast implant surgery in Delhi.

The patients must prepare for the surgery beforehand. The breast augmentation procedure can be a life-changing experience. Therefore, it is vital to understand what to anticipate after surgery and how long it will take to feel entirely healed.

Post Care Stages for Breast Augmentation Procedure


Immediately Post Surgery

You might experience tiredness once you will wake up from anaesthesia which will only last for a few hours. As per Dr Rajat Gupta’s suggestions, make sure to ask someone to take you home and accompany you overnight post-surgery.


First Week Post Surgery

It is normal to experience minimal discomfort after the first three to five days. For the first 72 hours, your surgeon will most certainly prescribe pain medicine, and your surgeon may even propose injections to decrease the pain.

After the first few days, most women may handle postoperative soreness with over-the-counter pain relievers. Furthermore, most women can go back to office occupations approximately a week after surgery.


Next Few Weeks

Patients are recommended to gradually return to modest activity and a regular daily routine after the first week. By this time, the discomfort should be mild, but physicians urge women to avoid severe or jarring activities such as jogging, horseback riding, or intense exercises. They should avoid heavy lifting until they have fully healed.

After the first week of post-surgery, the discomfort will progressively decrease and will be mild. Dr Rajat Gupta advises his patient to avoid severe or rigorous activities such as jogging, horseback riding, or intense exercises. It is good to avoid heavy lifting until you are fully healed. Patients who work in physically demanding occupations should take at least three weeks off.

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    How to have a smooth recovery?

    Your doctor will be able to determine how far along your recovery has proceeded during your follow-up appointment. In general, most patients are approved to resume all routine activities after 6-8 weeks.

    To ensure that you have recovered completely from breast augmentation in Delhi and without issues, strictly follow your surgeon’s care recommendations. Dr Rajat Gupta asks his patients to invest in compression garment as it promotes safer and faster recovery.

    You may go into the process with confidence that you’ll be able to handle your improved new profile and recovery if you have the right understanding of what to anticipate throughout your recovery.

    However, asking as many questions as possible from a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr Rajat Gupta, who has years of experience in breast augmentation in Delhi, can help you understand your concerns regarding the entire experience and results of breast augmentation surgery.

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