Treatment of gynecomastia in Ayurveda

Treatment of gynecomastia in Ayurveda

People often seek alternative treatment like Ayurveda for many common afflictions as well as lifestyle diseases – cough and cold, hypertension, diabetes and many more. While Ayurveda has solutions for many such problems, men suffering from gynecomastia sometimes ask about the treatment of gynecomastia in Ayurveda.

Gynecomastia does not have treatment in Ayurveda, the only treatment plan available is surgery, which must be performed by a board-certified surgeon to ensure that the patient has access to the best in terms of infrastructure, the latest in technology, and approved and latest techniques. This minimizes any risks associated with the procedure, including but not limited to bleeding, blood clots, hematoma, anaesthesia risk, infection, loss of sensation to the nipple, scarring, seroma, asymmetrical results, deep vein thrombosis and persistent pain.

Understanding Gynecomastia

Unlike weight gain or fatty deposits, gynecomastia refers to the development of breast tissue and gland among males, and it is the result of a hormonal imbalance which occurs around puberty. While the imbalance occurs around puberty, the actual breast development may take some time to be visible or become a cause for concern, by which time the hormonal imbalance no longer shows up in tests. This may lead to gynecomastia being confused with weight gain or fat issues.

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    Why is there no treatment of gynecomastia in Ayurveda?

    As mentioned earlier, in gynecomastia, there is the development of the breast gland and tissue, not just fat. This cannot be treated by alternative forms of medicine including Ayurveda, because it is the gland which must be removed to complete the treatment. Therefore, surgery is the only option to treat gynecomastia.

    What is the procedure of gynecomastia surgery?

    Gynecomastia is simple plastic surgery performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Going to a general surgeon for treating gynecomastia may increase risks as a general surgeon is neither trained in the right set of techniques, nor do they have access to the right infrastructure required to treat gynecomastia.

    A board-certified plastic surgeon understands your complete requirement and medical history to chart out the complete plan of action. During the gynecomastia surgery, the surgeon makes small incisions (Dr Rajat Gupta makes these incisions along the side of the chest to ensure that there is minimal visible scarring). After this, liposuction is performed to remove excess fat and the breast tissue and gland. Dr Rajat Gupta uses ground-breaking technologies to combine MicroAire and Vaser to remove the breast gland and then follows that up with radio frequency enhanced contouring in cases where skin excision is not required. Known as PURE, it is Dr Rajat Gupta’s own patented procedure and leads to minimally invasive, painless procedures with minimum trauma to the body.

    Understanding gynecomastia is the first step to understanding the treatment, therefore, it is important to approach your board-certified surgeon and clear all your doubts. Attempting alternative treatments may cause more harm than good, as could reaching out to the wrong doctors. Arm yourself with the relevant knowledge to take the right decision for yourself. When in doubt, approach the doctor for the right diagnosis to go down the right treatment path.

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