All You Need To Know About Male Breast Reduction!

Male breast reduction surgery

All You Need To Know About Male Breast Reduction!

Breasts being the vanity of a woman, we all are accustomed to the appearance of males as flat chested beings, and any hint of extra fat on their chest appears out of place and unwanted. Hence male breasts or ‘man boobs’ as they are commonly referred to are a social embarrassment for those men who suffer from it. They are uncomfortable wearing fitted clothes and shy away from participating in activities like swimming etc. They feel utterly dejected about their distorted body contour and have low self-confidence when it comes to their physical appearance. They tend to develop depression due to the same and cut off their social life, stepping out in public only when it is unavoidable.
Contrary to popular belief, gynecomastia or male breasts cannot be reduced by exercising or gymming because it’s not directly related with weight gain issues. A breast gland gets formed in some males during adolescence due to hormonal changes that gives a swollen appearance to the chest. Apart from that, intake of certain medicines/drugs or some systemic diseases can also lead to its development.
Male breast reduction surgery

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    General surgeons have been treating it for a long time by removing the gland and unwanted fat around it through an incision. Although this treatment makes the chest flat, the patient is still not comfortable swimming or taking off his shirt in someone’s company because of the prominent scar.
    This issue is taken care of by plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon applies the technique of liposuction to suck out the breast gland and all the excess fat by using specially designed cannulas that can remove fibrous as well as hard glands. This leaves a mere 4-5 mm long scar, which is well concealed in the underarms. Getting treated by this method makes the chest aesthetic and manly without the pain of living with a visible scar.
    In rare cases when either the gland is too hard or the patient has huge gynecomastia, there is a need of another incision around the areola to remove the gland. Since this cut is at the junction of light and dark skin (chest and the nipple), it is hardly visible.
    Apart from chest flattening, plastic surgery also provides an option for chest sculpting. This surgery can be combined with high definition liposuction to give the patient a perfectly chiseled six-pack look along with a flat chest so that his pectorals look more masculine.
    Removal of male breasts is a daycare surgery. The patient does to need to stay hospitalised overnight; it is an hour-long procedure, which is performed in the morning, and the patient can go back home in the evening. A few medicines are prescribed for a few days and the results are immediately visible.
    If you’ve been delaying getting yourself treated, living under the illusion that you man boobs will go away with gymming or exercising, you are simply prolonging your agony. Immediately contact a board certified plastic surgeon to diagnose its cause and get it corrected as soon as possible and regain your lost confidence.

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