Does Chin Augmentation Result in the Long Term?

Chin Augmentation Procedure

Does Chin Augmentation Result in the Long Term?

It is normal for patients to consider whether the post-chin augmentation procedure results last long. The main purpose of chin augmentation is to balance the face’s look by lengthening or enlarging the chin relative to the nose. Individuals with weak or receding chins (microgenia), but a normal bite, are the greatest candidates for chin augmentation.

The effects of chin augmentation surgery are immediately apparent, but they take one to three months to fully manifest. The results will last forever, but they will also fade with time and proper functioning.

This blog will guide you on things you need to do post-surgery to ensure long-lasting results.

Factors to Consider and Follow for Long-Lasting Results After Chin Augmentation Procedure

  • Make plans to have a driver take you to and from your surgical procedure.
  • It is advised that you have company for at least the first night following surgery.
  • Prescriptions should be filled before surgery so that you have one less thing to worry about after that.
  • Dress comfortably and loosely when you come in for surgery.
  • Before your first post-operative office visit, make sure to keep the bandage dry and clean. Unless specifically told by your surgeon, wait to change the dressing until the surgeon sees you in the office during the follow-up after the chin augmentation in Delhi.
  • Only take medicines and painkillers as directed by expert plastic surgery specialists like Dr Rajat Gupta.
  • Avoid taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications for two weeks before and two weeks following your operation unless you first speak with your surgeon about it.
  • Smokers should abstain from smoking for at least two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Chewing tobacco and smoking reduces circulation, adversely affecting the surgery outcome.
  • Apply hard pressure to the area for at least 10 minutes if bleeding occurs. During this period, avoid removing or lifting the dressing. If the bleeding continues, contact your surgeon and their team.
  • After surgery, the bandages and sutures will be taken out about a week later. It is possible to let some sutures disintegrate on their own.
  • For at least two weeks following surgery, you shouldn’t engage in any strenuous physical activity and shouldn’t push yourself significantly.
  • Sports that involve contact should not be played until your surgeon gives the go-ahead. You should generally refrain from such activity for at least 4 weeks following your surgery.
  • Raise your head while sleeping for at least the first 48 hours.
  • For a few weeks following your operation, rinse thoroughly with water several times after each snack or meal if the implant was put in through an oral incision.
Chin Augmentation Procedure

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