At What Age Can You Get a Chin Augmentation?

At What Age Can You Get a Chin Augmentation?

If you’re contemplating getting chin augmentation surgery done, then you must know if you’re at the right age and you’re the ideal candidate for the surgery or not.

Keep reading to know if you’re ready to get the surgery done or not!

If you’re thinking of the right age for chin surgery, then the answer is – that there’s no such specific age bar for chin augmentation. Since the surgery serves a cosmetic and medical purpose, it can be performed at any age, depending upon the requirement. Let us understand thoroughly.

Purposes of Chin Augmentation Surgery in India

Chin augmentation surgery is medically referred to as Genioplasty. The major purpose of the surgery is to improve the contour and shape of your chin.

Chin augmentation is often performed for two purposes – either for cosmetic concerns or for medical concerns.


Cosmetic Purpose

Chin augmentation surgery in India is performed to serve the cosmetic concerns if you have:-

  • Receded chin
  • disproportionate face structure
  • Uneven chin
  • Uneven Jawline
  • The bottom one-third is not symmetrical to the top two-thirds of your facial structure

Thousands of individuals benefit from it since it alters the features of their faces. It’s made to enlarge or move a receding chin forward.

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    Medical Purpose

    Chin augmentation procedure is often performed for medical purposes when a person faces severe mishappening or injuries while playing, eating, driving or any other activity.

    Severe injury may disturb your chin alignment by making your chin look a little receded or small, or weak.

    The following are also some of the reasons for chin augmentation surgery:

    • Some people choose genioplasty to either augment or diminish their chins.
    • Congenital chin abnormalities or asymmetry occur in a small percentage of persons.
    • To correct a malformation caused by a stressful event.
    • This procedure is occasionally used as part of the transition process for those who choose to have gender reassignment surgery.
    • An abnormally protruding chin that necessitates bone lengthening or shortening in the vertical dimension (too tall or too short of a chin) as well as transversal asymmetry.


    Important Note

    Patients with gum disease or lengthy teeth with a small mandibular height are not candidates for genioplasty. Aside from that, there are a few fundamental qualifying requirements to meet:

    • Make sure you don’t have restricted blood flow, coronary artery disease, uncontrolled diabetes, or a weakened immune system, as it might make the surgery more difficult for you.
    • The chin augmentation operation has a clear purpose.
    • Expectations for results that are realistic
    • You are aware of the surgery’s recovery, risks, outcomes, and restrictions.
    • To get the finest outcomes, you must have an emotionally stable mindset.

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