Is Bleeding After Chin Augmentation Normal?

Chin augmentation surgery

Is Bleeding After Chin Augmentation Normal?

Bleeding is one of the major concerns of every patient after their chin augmentation surgery. If you’re also searching for an answer to the same question – this is the right blog for you!

For the first few days following surgery, it’s not uncommon to experience some blood-tinged discharge. You should notice a considerable improvement or disappearance by the end of the first week.

The chances of excess bleeding prominently rely on your chin augmentation recovery time. It’s crucial to remember various aspects of a successful surgical procedure, including your compliance with the surgeon’s recommendations.

Your surgeon can do an excellent job and employ the most up-to-date technology to ensure a speedy recovery. Still, if you do not follow the right postoperative instructions, the healing and outcome might be greatly harmed.

How to Prevent Bleeding in Chin Augmentation Recovery Timeline?

Here are a few things you may need to avoid to prevent unnecessary bleeding.


Forceful Spitting

Spitting vigorously, especially during the first 24 hours after surgery, might dislodge blood clots and loosen your stitches, causing bleeding and wound opening. If you have to spit, rinse your mouth gently with water and then let the waterfall into the sink on its own.


Hot Drinks – (Tea, Coffee or Soup)

The patients should avoid the meals and beverages after their chin augmentation surgery in Delhi as they might induce swelling and bleeding. It is completely okay to consume beverages that are cold or lukewarm. Hot liquids can be resumed after one day.

Chin augmentation surgery

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    Intake of Hard or Solid Food

    Chewing hard foods puts too much strain on the healing chin bone, leading to oral wound injury or severe bleeding. Your surgeon will create a meal plan for you that gradually moves from liquid to semi-solid to foods with increasing hardness in the weeks after your surgery. You will be able to resume your regular diet after four weeks.


    Strain on Chin

    It’s best to avoid bending forward or putting pressure on your chin. It might be for the first week, but in some cases, the surgeon may decide to extend the preventative measures for 4 to 6 weeks. It is safe to avoid smiles, grins, and other aberrant facial movements. Brushing should only be done with permission.


    Preventive Measures Post Chin Augmentation Surgery in Delhi

    • Antibiotics and painkillers may be recommended to relieve your discomfort and speed up healing.
    • Your wounds may be covered with cotton dressings or bandages.
    • It’s possible to use an elastic bandage. It has the potential to reduce swelling.
    • For a week, eat only soft or liquid foods, and if you’ve had an implant placed, it’s a must.
    • For a few days, avoid strenuous exercises.
    • For wound hygiene, saline increases regularly.

    Preventive measures provided by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr Rajat Gupta ensure utmost safety and speedy recovery. Book a consultation with him today if you’re all set for the chin augmentation surgery!

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