Do breast implants sag after pregnancy?

breast implants

Do breast implants sag after pregnancy?

Women of all ages are considering breast implants. You may have different reasons for contemplating them – to increase the breast size, to uplift the sagginess that comes either with age or due to weight loss, to change the shape of your breasts, to make both your breasts appear the same size, or simply to make your breasts look as you have always wanted them to. But in your case, you haven’t yet had children, or you do, but your family is still growing, and just like breast implants, a pregnancy is also on the cards.

So, a question you may have is – do breast implants sag after pregnancy?

From a medical perspective, the question here is not whether the implants themselves sag as a result of pregnancy, it is more how pregnancy could affect the results of the implant. Let me elaborate on that.

Did you know, your body undergoes many changes in this journey? Your breasts also change during this period. They get a fuller look over the months, which is a visible change. But some changes are not visible, they happen inside your breasts in a way could impact how your implants could look. For instance, your breast muscles stretch out as well. Imagine you have a ball of dough, and you have placed a dome shaped object inside to fit the ball, giving the ball a fuller look. Now imagine, for some reason you had to stretch the dough from inside, putting pressure on that pliable dome. How do you imagine the ball will now look like? The same thing will happen to your breast implant when the muscles get stretched during pregnancy, and do not go back to their earlier shape.

breast implants

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    Let us move on to when you have delivered your baby. You may lose some weight at this point as a natural consequence of your pregnancy ending. Some more weight you could possibly shed as a result of effort in this direction. This weight loss, like any other, may also lead to a natural sagging of your breast tissue, which may also adversely affect the result of a breast lift or implant done prior to the pregnancy.

    Rest assured, the implant will not impact your ability to lactate, but yes, the pregnancy could well impact the results of a cosmetic procedure. Breastfeeding also changes the shape and size of the breasts, and one the results often is sagging of the breast tissue.

    As they say, there is a right time and place for everything. Some things are beyond your control, but some things you plan for, and invest into. So why the rush? So while the answer to the question – do breast implants sag after pregnancy – is no, the answer to the question – do breasts change after pregnancy – is yes. If you expect to plan for a baby some time in the near future, and also want breast implants, then my advice is to delay the implants until after you have had your baby and once you have stopped lactating. At this stage, the procedure will have a better impact, since you will be able to fix any sagging issues in addition to getting the breasts that you want.

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