How do breast implants feel to touch

How do breast implants feel to touch

Breast augmentation surgery is increasingly gaining a lot of ground – with tremendous advances in medical science and technology, getting the right breast shape and size is no longer just a dream, it is a very attainable reality, with different techniques and options available to choose from.

A guiding hand towards your decision is probably the answer to the question – how do breast implants feel to touch? The answer to this depends upon the kind of technique you opt for, and the type of implant you choose.

Procedures used for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation procedures broadly fall under two umbrellas–

  1. Fat grafting – in this procedure, the surgeon uses liposuction to remove excess or unwanted fat from other parts of your body and places that fat onto the breast. You may opt for this procedure if you are looking at half to one size enhancement of your breasts. Since this procedure makes use of fat from within the body without the use of any external objects, the breasts feel extremely natural to touch.
  2. Breast Augmentation using breast implants – in this procedure, the surgeon places an artificial implant inside your breast tissue/cavity. There is a variety of options to choose from, each of which can be customized as per your needs. While all the implants used should have FDA approval and be of the highest-grade silicone gel, there are certain nuances specific to the different types which determine how they feel to touch.
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    How do Breast Implants Feel to Touch?

    The answer to this question has two aspects – the type of breast implant and its shape.

    Type of Implants

    1. Smooth implants – these are transparent to look at and smooth to touch and feel. They are made from high grade silicone gel and also have silicone gel as the filling material. They are used when the patient desires natural breast implants.
    2. Nano-textured implants – these are translucent to look at and made with silicone gel. They are also used for giving natural feeling breasts as the outcome.
    3. Textured Implants – these implants are rough to touch and have bumps and crests on their surface. Therefore, they do not feel natural to touch and the same reflects in the outcome as well.
    4. Saline Implants – these implants have silicone gel as the outer casing material, but have a saline filling instead of silicone gel. They are natural to touch and feel.

    Next, we come to the shape of the implants.

    Shapes of Breast Implants

    Breast implants typically come in two shapes, which determine how they feel to touch.

    1. Tear-Drop shape – this shape gives a natural look to the breasts, therefore, if they are used as part of smooth or nano-textured implants, then they are natural and smooth to touch.
    2. Round shape – women who want a more voluminous and rounded shape to the breasts opt for this shape of implants. When this shape is used with smooth or nano-textured implants, they are smooth to touch but give a slightly unnatural, rounded feeling in touch. When they are used with a textured implant, they feel both rough and round.

    Irrespective of the type of implant you opt for, it is crucial that you go with a board-certified surgeon who uses only FDA approved silicone-gel implants. This makes the procedure a safe one, and you get the breast shape and size you had always dreamed of.

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