Do breast implants affect pregnancy

Do breast implants affect pregnancy

Do breast implants affect pregnancy

Breast implants and pregnancy both have their own place in a woman’s life. The desire for a more proportionate body structure, bigger breast size, deeper cleavage, sagging or droopy breasts, all could be instrumental in a decision to opt for breast augmentation using breast implants. However, the desire to bear children may also be very strong, raising concerns about breast implants. The question – do breast implants affect pregnancy – is important, the in the absence of the right answers, the weighing scale may tip in the wrong direction.

Do Breast Implants Affect Pregnancy?

The simple answer – NO.

Let us elaborate on that.

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    What are Breast Implants?

    Breast implants are artificial objects made from silicone gel which are customized according to your requirement and used for breast augmentation. They may be placed either behind the breast tissue, or behind the pectoral muscle, depending upon your body’s condition and your needs.

    What are Breast Implants Made From?

    Breast implants are of different types, but they have a common feature connecting all of them. All breast implants are manufactured using silicone gel. While some may be smooth and some textured, some may have silicone gel as filler material while some may be saline implants, while some may be teardrop shaped and some round, the outer casing is made of silicone gel in each case.

    Why Silicone Gel?

    Silicone gel has several chemical properties that make it the prime candidate for the material of choice in making breast implants.

    1. Longevity – silicone gel implants have a long life and do not tear or lose shape unless there is a major external trauma to the breast. Once placed inside your chest, they can last for as long as 12 years without getting damaged.
    2. Low chemical reactivity – they do not react with body fluids, and therefore retain their shape and structure.
    3. Lox toxicity – Silicone gel implants have been shown to have low to no toxic reaction inside the patient, barring any unforeseen allergic reaction.
    4. Water repellent and forms watertight seals – this helps keep the implants in place even when you are doing heavy workouts.

    Pregnancy and Breast Implants

    These properties also ensure that breast implants do not affect pregnancy in any manner. The pregnancy may affect how the implants look, since there is change in breast volume and size during pregnancy, and again after delivery with weight loss, but the reverse is not true. Breast implants have no adverse effect on your pregnancy and do not impact breastfeeding after delivery either.

    1. Breast implant procedures do not affect the production of breastmilk, the sensation in the nipples or ducts which are connected to the nipples. Therefore, you can easily breastfeed your child even if you have breast implants.
    2. Due to their low chemical reactivity, breast implants which are placed above the muscle also do not leach into the breastmilk, making it safe for the baby to consume.

    A board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr Rajat Gupta will follow the latest techniques and use only FDA approved breast implants to minimise and avoid any complications, present or potential. Breast implants do not affect pregnancy nor is there any adverse impact after delivery.

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