Breast implant surgery with local anaesthesia

breast implant surgery with local anaesthesia- Dr Rajat Gupta - Plastic Surgeon in Delhi

Breast implant surgery with local anaesthesia

Reaching the right breast size  for you through the means of breast augmentation surgery is an important decision for a patient to make. There are multiple options to choose from – fat grafting vs implants, smooth vs textured implants, tear-drop shaped vs round implants. You weigh all your options, understand the benefits and otherwise associated with each, you get to look at simulated outcomes via Crisalix 3D software and then take the best decision in consultation with your board-certified plastic surgeon.

Once the decision to go ahead with breast implant surgery is taken, the next step involves understanding the procedure which your surgeon will perform and its different aspects. A key aspect of concern is understanding whether breast implant surgery with local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia is the right approach to be taken.

What is the difference between local and general anaesthesia?

Local Anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia is administered literally locally – that is, on the site where the surgery has to be performed. The patient has full consciousness and awareness of what is going on during the procedure – minus the pain associated with the surgeon’s knife. There is a flipside though – there is only as much of the drug which may be administered without making it toxic, therefore it may be unsuitable if the surgery is expected to last longer. The surgeon also requires the relevant muscles to remain in a relaxed state, and the patient’s consciousness may be accompanied by stressed muscles at some point during the procedure.

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    General Anaesthesia

    With the use of general anaesthesia, a patient goes to sleep and is unaware of what is happening during the surgery. The benefit of this is that the surgeon can better monitor the patient’s vital signs, and the patient’s muscles are also more relaxed, which facilitates the surgery. The flipside is that as a patient, you may have concerns about the risks associated with general anaesthesia. It is important for the patient to be armed with all relevant facts, which facilitates the decision-making process.

    Anaesthesia for Breast Augmentation

    The choice of anaesthesia – local or general – may vary depending upon the procedure you opt for. Breast augmentation using fat grafting procedures typically favour the use of local anaesthesia. Whereas most women and surgeons alike prefer to perform a breast implant surgery under general anaesthesia.

    Proper planning of the procedure involves you understanding how the two types of anaesthesia work on your body and replace myths with facts – your surgeon plays a very crucial rule in this. For instance, following all the protocols advised by the surgeon – both pre-surgery and for post-operative care greatly minimizes any risks associated with the use of general anaesthesia. Discussing your past medical history, allergies, etc also assists the surgeon during the planning stage, including the dose of anaesthesia that is required.

    Breast implant surgery with local anaesthesia is the less used approach, whereas breast augmentation with fat grafts favours using local anaesthesia. Being an aware patient with a good doctor-patient bonding is the key to a successful surgery with a happy outcome.

    Dr. Rajat Gupta

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