Are Arm Liposuction Scars Visible?

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Are Arm Liposuction Scars Visible?

Liposuction remains one of the most versatile procedures done on numerous body parts, including the arms. Stubborn fat can collect anywhere on your body and may refuse to burn no matter how many bicep curls you do. In such cases, patients often opt for liposuction on the arms. However, a big point of contention remains the prospect of arm liposuction scars.

While liposuction is increasingly safe and precise today, it is still a surgical procedure. While it is minimally invasive and imparts very little trauma, your surgeon still needs to make incisions to access the subcutaneous fat under your skin. Therefore, board-certified surgeons have innovated techniques to make the resulting scars as inconspicuous as possible.

How Arm Liposuction Scars Become Invisible

Liposuction today uses power-assisted and ultrasound-assisted technology – MicroAire and VASER, respectively – for highly sophisticated and natural-looking results. These devices are also minimally invasive, reducing trauma and increasing precision. They target the subcutaneous fat present under the top layer of skin, breaking it up and emulsifying it before suctioning it out.

This entire procedure happens through a tiny incision. The incision size depends on how much fat needs removal. The procedure is often a part of the arm lift with arm liposuction, where excess skin is also excised. If a patient has a lot of excess skin and fat on their arms, they will need a longer incision.

The liposuction surgery on your arms involves making the incision from your underarm to your elbow. This placement automatically hides the resulting scar in the underside of your arm. However, if you lift your arm, the scar becomes visible, still proving to hinder some patients.

Here is where the recovery time comes in. Due to the minimal trauma incurred during the procedure, the resulting scar also heals very well. Additionally, if you do not need skin excision and only liposuction, the incision is typically tiny. Therefore, as you heal from your procedure, the scar fades to a large extent.

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    Other Techniques to Heal Arm Liposuction Scars

    While your liposuction scars heal beautifully during the recovery, you may want some additional scar treatments. At advanced centres like RG Aesthetics, experts also offer fractional laser treatment three weeks after your procedure to help the scar fade better. This wait period ensures you sufficiently heal from liposuction before going through another procedure.

    These additional procedures can make the scar nearly invisible. Only if someone gets up-close and personal with your underarm, they see the scar. If you simply raise your arms, this scar will not be visible to someone at a distance. Therefore, booking such follow-up appointments and procedures can further refine your results.

    As long as you follow the post-op directions prescribed, the recovery and results after your arm liposuction are excellent and comfortable. When you meet with an expert board-certified plastic surgeon in Delhi like Dr Rajat Gupta, you get excellent, natural-looking results from entirely safe, effective procedures that slim and tone your arms based on your desires!

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