Is Liposuction Good for Obesity?

Liposuction procedure

Is Liposuction Good for Obesity?

Advances in technology and medical sciences have contributed to improving the liposuction procedure over time. The medical procedure has come as a boon for people who wish to have a toned or fit body. Most people, however, mistake liposuction procedure for a means of losing weight.

That is not the case. Let us understand why.

What is Liposuction Procedure?

Liposuction involves removing fat from various localised areas of the body that cannot be exercised away. A cannula connected to a suction apparatus is used during surgery, which is a thin tube used to loosen and drain the fat.

Among the areas which are treated are the chin, neck, arms, back, breasts, male breasts (gynecomastia), waist area or love handles, hips, thighs, calves, and ankles for a trimmer body profile.

This fat removal surgery takes about 30 minutes in an outpatient facility. You may be kept under observation for 24 hours before discharge. The recovery period depends on the area where the surgery is performed. Postsurgical care is very important, where the Doctor monitors the patient’s recovery rate as each individual’s physiology differs from others.

Liposuction procedure

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    Liposuction for Obesity

    Obesity or being excessively overweight is not a cosmetic concern but a serious medical problem that may be genetic in nature.

    While liposuction targets the localised fat deposits in the body, it does not significantly reduce weight. Only less than 10% of fat is lost during the surgery. It is not a fix for obesity as the high-density fat deposits near internal organs are not affected in this surgery.

    Minor weight loss after liposuction surgery is reversible in nature if not complemented with proper medical intervention and exercise in due time. In other words, a liposuction procedure is not a cure for obesity.

    Who is eligible for a liposuction procedure?

    • All genders above the age of 18
    • Non-smokers
    • Persons with a healthy lifestyle
    • Unusual fat deposits affecting body contour
    • Elasticity of skin
    • Realistic expectations from the surgery

    The best results are achieved by people with localised fat bulges who are near 30% of their ideal weight range. If you are searching for a fat removal surgery, the liposuction procedure is the right option. It helps you attain a healthy body shape with the removal of localised fat pockets.

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