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Microtia – Causes, Types & Treatment

Microtia is a medical term used for congenital deformity in which a child is born with an under developed ear. The severity can range from being partially formed ear to a lump of a tissue or ear being absent altogether. Microtia can affect one ear (Unilateral Microtia) or both ears (Bilateral Microtia)

Causes of Microtia:

Microtia is a congenital disorder (Present at bi...

Otoplasty for Prominent Ears

Otoplasty for Prominent Ears
Prominent ear, also known as otapostasis or bat ear is an abnormally protruding human ear. In this condition, the concha (the depression in the external ear leading to its central opening) is large with poorly developed antihelix (a curved prominence of cartilage parallel with and in front of the helix on the pinna) and scapha (the curved ...