Nipple problems after Breast Reduction

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Nipple problems after Breast Reduction

Deciding to undergo breast reduction surgery may be a liberating experience. You’re doing something that will enhance your mental and physical well-being and overall quality of life. This choice necessitates the gathering of information before opting for surgery.

What will be the nipple problems after breast reduction is one of the most frequently asked questions. If you are also one of those patients, this is the right blog for you!

Breast reduction surgery is the right surgery option for those women who go through physical and mental discomfort due to heavy and overly large breasts. Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and self-consciousness are some of the prevalent yet severe discomfort faced by many women. Now let us understand the nipple problems due to the surgery.

Nipple Problems After Breast Reduction

The location of your nipples is always altered with breast reduction surgery. This might result in a permanent loss of normal sensitivity in the nipple and areola. The nipples might become too sensitive in rare cases.

Due to a lack of blood supply, the nipple and areola, or parts of them, may pass away. Smoking raises the risk of this by decreasing their blood supply to them. Until new skin has developed, dressings are necessary. In the damaged region, the nipple and areola will seem scarred.

Complete loss of the nipple and areola is uncommon; however, if it does occur, a second procedure is frequently required. Further surgery to enhance the appearance of the nipple and areola may be required at a later period.

One can avoid the requirement of reconstructive surgery by getting their surgery done with an experienced surgeon in the first place! Now, one of the common questions asked by patients is related to nipple complications is breastfeeding.

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    Can nipple problems due to breast reduction hinder breastfeeding?

    Yes. Breastfeeding is possible for new moms who have undergone past breast or nipple surgery, and it is strongly recommended. Every postpartum woman can generate at least a few colostrum drops (first milk). Even if moms only obtain a small amount of milk, they deliver antibodies to their babies at every feeding.

    Each woman, though, is unique. The milk supply of some women may not be changed at all. Many new mothers have the ability to produce the full volume of milk. Some women produce less breast milk than others. It is impossible to predict how much milk will be produced before the baby is delivered. Nurses should be informed of a woman’s surgical background so that they may assist her in keeping track of the milk supply of a new mother.

    If necessary, you can feed your infant expressed milk or formula. Tube feeding is used in supplemental nursing systems to replace breast milk. A tube connects the container to the breast’s nipple, allowing the infant to suck on the nipple and the tube simultaneously.

    Long answer short! There are no such severe nipple issues after a breast reduction if your surgery is performed by skilled surgeons like Dr Rajat Gupta, who facilitates remarkable results by avoiding the risks and complications associated with breast reduction surgery.

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