Is Facelift Surgery Safe?

Facelift surgery procedure

Is Facelift Surgery Safe?

While facelift surgery is a common cosmetic procedure that can help reduce the signs of aging on the face and neck, the procedure’s safety is a major concern among the people considering it. Generally, the facelift surgery procedure is safe when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

However, a facelift is a surgical procedure and like any other surgery, it carries some side effects and complications. In this blog, we will discuss the potential complications associated with facelift surgery and how to manage these complications.

Risks And Complications Associated With Facelift

The following are the most common risks and complications associated with facelifts:

  1. Bleeding or Hematoma: The most frequent complication following a facelift procedure is the development of a hematoma, which refers to a collection of blood accumulating under the skin. Hematomas typically lead to noticeable swelling and exert pressure on the affected area.
  2. Infection: While rare, facelift surgery procedure can cause infection. Facelifts involve making incisions that can increase the risk of entry of the bacteria, increasing the likelihood of post-surgery infections.
  3. Nerve Injury: Nerve injuries, though uncommon, can occur due to facelift surgery. These injuries may impact the nerves responsible for sensation or muscle control, and their effects can vary in duration and consequence.
  4. Scarring: Although plastic surgeons try to minimize scarring, some scarring is inevitable. However, these scars may fade over time and can be concealed with makeup or hair.
  5. Unsatisfactory Results: While facelift surgery can provide excellent results, there is always a chance that the outcome may not meet your expectations. In that case, additional procedures may be required, which could increase overall facelift surgery costs.
  6. Seroma: After undergoing surgery, it’s possible for a fluid buildup to develop beneath the skin, resembling a swollen lump or cyst. This accumulation of fluid, often observed at the site of a surgical incision or in areas where tissue has been manipulated, is termed a “seroma.” However, the formation of a seroma may not always be immediate, and it can gradually develop and swell over several days or even weeks following the surgical procedure.

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    How to Manage Facelift Surgery Complications?

    Here are some steps you can take to manage the facelift surgery complications:

    Choose A Qualified Plastic Surgeon: Choose a board-certified plastic surgery specialist in Delhi who has undergone rigorous training and adheres to strict ethical standards, ensuring they possess the necessary expertise to perform facelift surgery safely.

    Consultation: During your initial consultation, discuss your medical history, expectations, and concerns with your surgeon. This will help your surgeon to tailor the procedure according to your specific needs and assess whether you are a suitable candidate.

    Post-Operative Care: Follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully, which may include taking prescribed medications, applying cold compression, taking proper rest, avoiding strenuous activities and smoking for quick and smooth recovery.

    Realistic Expectations: Understand that a facelift can produce significant improvements but may not stop the natural aging process entirely. Discuss your expectations with your surgeon to ensure they align with realistic outcomes.

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