International Patients

International Patients

International Patients

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RG Aesthetics is proud to cater to approximately 150 international patients every year. Patients from all over the world come for plastic surgery in India with Dr. Rajat Gupta. He is one of the most reputed & experienced plastic surgeon in India and is the top choice of few of the well-known celebrities in India.

At RG Aesthetics, our pricing is very transparent and is same for every patient across the globe. We are definitely not the cheapest in Delhi, but quality comes with a price and our quality is not compromised at any point. Click here to see our rate list for top cosmetic procedures.

We have a great team that looks after the accommodation (paid by the patient); airport transfers (USD 16 one way from airport to any location in Delhi) and also helps you plan your itinerary in India if you wish to visit The Taj Mahal, Goa, Jaipur etc. Before planning a trip to India, read the travel guidelines.

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Mrs Geetika

Thanks to Dr. Rajat Gupta who has transformed the way I look and feel about my body. After having both of my kids, I never imagined I could ever look slimmer. This surgery means to me a lot as now I can wear all kinds of dressed which I wanted to wear but could not imagine I would ever be able to after having kids. Read More

Mr Piyush

I had been thinking about getting hair transplant since last few years. Since I was not sure who to trust for this procedure and kept delaying it, I lost a lot of my hairs and with it y confidence as well. In fact, I had stopped getting my photograph clicked even! Thanks to Dr. Rajat Gupta and his skilled team that I got a very natural hairline back. I always tell my friends not to fall prey to advertisements of cheap hair transplant procedure in newspapers. Since everyone has only one face, I believe one should not compromise on the quality of surgeon or his expertise in cosmetic surgery. I am glad I found an expert cosmetic surgeon in Dr. Rajat Gupta. Thanks again. Read More

Mrs Suman P

Thank you, Dr. Rajat. Wow is the only word to describe you and your team. The difference which your expert opinion and surgery has made to me and my self-esteem is immense. I will always remain grateful to you. Read More

Ms Ghosh

Dr. Rajat Gupta is outstanding. His mannerisms and consulting way is extremely professional. After having had couple of botched up cosmetic surgeries and having heard a lot about him being able to manage complicated cases, I thought of having him as someone to correct my distorted look. I was amazed to see that his knowledge about rhinoplasty is immense and the simplistic way he explains each and every part of procedure makes me sure that he has a deep experience in this surgery. After that I never had any doubt that I would get best possible care. I would strongly recommend Dr. Gupta for any cosmetic surgery procedure. Read More

Mr Rahul

Dr. Gupta, thanks again for taking care of me. Really appreciate your care and skills. Feel lucky that I was under you care. Read More


I feel really really good. I am glad that I got the surgery done and I chose Dr. Gupta for this. He is simply awesome. Read More


As a young adult, I had developed male breasts. This not only hampered my socialization with friends, swimming etc but also made me less confident about myself. Dr. Rajat managed to get rid of all my problems in a very comfortable and professional manner. Thanks a ton Sir. Read More

Ms Asim

From the moment I first entered Dr. Rajat’s clinic I felt warmth and welcoming. His staff gives you a very personalized care. I have been returning to his clinic often now for one procedure or other. Read More

Mr Shiv

After having consulted lot of doctors and having gone through painful failed treatment alternatives, Dr. Rajat educated me about hair loss and scientifically proven options for it. I am glad finally I chose him as my hair transplant surgeon. I am thrilled with my results. I strongly recommend him to all. Read More

Ms Leive

I honestly had goosebumps when I planned to get my facelift surgery done here in India by Dr. Rajat Gupta. But the moment I flew from Russia and landed in Delhi, I was floored by hospitality team of Dr. Gupta and the staff at his clinic. The procedure was explained to me by him very lucidly and it went off as smooth as expected. The result has obviously been amazing. I must say, that the whole experience was flawless. Keep in touch. Cya. Read More

Ms Prachi

I always looked at the mirror and thought that I wanted a high arched eyebrow. Incidentally, for some other matter I met Dr. Rajat and during the conversation, I got to know that he is a pioneer in Endoscopic Forehead Lift in India which can help me get an arched eyebrow. I simply love how I look now. Read More


Today morning only I had my chest liposuction done by Dr. Rajat Gupta for gynecomastia problem. Surgery was very smooth within one hour I was back into my inpatient room. Hardly any pain. Staff is great and comforting. In the evening my dressing was opened I could see great result. My chest is absolutely flat and I have got the look I always desired for. The doctor said no dressing and I was asked to wear pressure garment straight away. I never imagined the surgery can be so comfortable and hassle-free. The team is truly a team for aesthetic surgery. All aspects from admission to payment to surgery to post-op care advice has been very very professional with a lot of personal touch and care. Really really thankful. Read More


I had fat over my eyes due to which I was experiencing pressure & strain. I consulted Dr Rajat Gupta and he guided me and I underwent a Blepharoplasty, Facial Cosmetic Surgery with him. The results have been good and I am no longer feeling any problem.  Read More


I am a 76-year-old woman with no aspirations to be a beauty! I have had knee replacements and spinal surgeries and few other minor surgeries. I have a massive weight issue, especially lower half of my body. I met Dr. Rajat Gupta through a common friend who advised me liposuction. He was very careful and I think more than necessarily cautious before the surgery. He made me undertake all kinds of investigations to make sure at my age surgery can be done. I went along so that he is comfortable performing my surgery. The surgery was quite uneventful and my knee pain has disappeared. I am quite pleased with the results. Read More

Srikanth, Singapore

I appreciate the changes on my nose and chin and I am very happy with the increased height of my nose from the side. Thank you, Dr. Rajat Gupta, for giving me such a natural look.It was a really good experience. Big thanks to the clinic staff for taking such good care on of me during my recovery. Read More

Shikha Verma

I had a great experience with Dr. Rajat Gupta. I went to him for Botox & Fillers. He did the entire procedure smoothly and I did not feel any discomfort during the entire process. I did not face any after effects as I had read on the Internet. He is really good.  Read More