International Patients


Transparent Pricing

We understand that cost is an important deciding factor for you. At RG Aesthetics, we endeavour to keep the price range towards the lower side but rates for each surgery vary as per the requirement & condition of the patients. We are committed to provide the highest standards of patient care and our quality is not compromised at any point. We are definitely not the cheapest in Delhi, but quality comes with a price and at RG Aesthetics, our pricing is very transparent and is same for every patient across the globe. Each individual is different and so is their condition and surgery requirement. Our cosmetic surgeries are customized for each individual. Hence our prices show the minimum and maximum range keeping in mind that not one solution fits all.

The cost below includes all charges like hospital admissions, OT Charges, Surgeon’s fee, Medicines during the stay, Implants required for the treatment and post operation consultations till the sutures are removed. There will be an additional cost associated with compression garments & postoperative investigation once the sutures are removed.

The hospital accepts only Indian currency payable via cheque or major international debit & credit cards, including American Express.

For International patients, we request you to book your surgical date by paying advance of USD 200.

Breast Augmentation1700 – 2300 USD
Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty2300 – 3500 USD
Breast Lift1900 – 2700 USD
Genital Rejuvenation400 – 1150 USD
Buccal Pad fat Removal400 – 550 USD
Dimple Creation400 – 550 USD
Chin Augmentation (Implants)1000 – 1250 USD
Rhinoplasty950 – 1700 USD
6 Pack ABS1550 – 2500 USD
Gynecomastia950 – 1550 USD
Breast Reduction1900 – 2700 USD
Arm Lift1100 – 2500 USD
Liposuction (one area)1000 – 1100 USD
Hi-Definition Liposuction1100 – 1400 USD
   -Add on area/per area600 – 650 USD
PURE Contouring1150 – 1450 USD
   -Add on area/per area600 – 650 USD
PURE Contouring +1300 – 1700 USD
   -Add on area/per area600 – 650 USD
Blepharoplasty (Upper Eyelid)500 – 700 USD
Blepharoplasty (Lower Eyelid)650 – 800 USD
Fat Grafting (Breast/Buttocks)1400 – 2350 USD
Fat Grafting (Face)600 – 1100 USD
Asian Blepharoplasty620 – 750 USD
Mini Facelift1250 – 2300 USD
Liquid Facelift
   – Botox (per unit)6.5 USD
   – Dermal Fillers (per ml)325 – 450 USD
Classical Facelift3000 – 5500 USD
Endoscopic Facelift3000 – 5500 USD
Silhouette Soft Facelift (per pair)620 USD
Rib Cartilage Ear Reconstruction1550 – 8500 USD
Otoplasty950 – 1400 USD
Hair Transplantation (per graft)0.85 – 1.25 USD