Does Eyelid Surgery Leave Scars?

Blepharoplasty Surgery Procedure

Does Eyelid Surgery Leave Scars?

Beauty is perceived in the eyes and the role they play in facial harmony. Likewise, the skin around the eyes is very delicate and more susceptible to early ageing signs. The puffiness beneath your lower eyelids and drooping upper eyelid skin may give the appearance of hooded eyes and make you appear years older than you are. A blepharoplasty surgery procedure is a cosmetic surgery that helps restore the youthful appearance of your eyelids and, in some circumstances, even enhances your vision.

Post-surgical scarring is a concern for many people. As with any surgery, eyelid surgery in Delhi leaves scars. Plastic surgeons with board certification can conceal such scars with surgical techniques that ensure no visible signs impair the final aesthetic results. For more information, continue reading this article.

How is Eyelid Surgery in Delhi Done?

Blepharoplasty surgery can be done on either the upper or lower eyelids or simultaneously. The plastic surgeon will draw marks indicating where extra skin and tissue should be precisely removed. Incisions are made in the eyelid’s natural creases, upper eyelid’s crease, and directly behind the lashes or lower eyelid to hide the scars.

If the surgeon deems it necessary, underlying fat may be removed during the blepharoplasty surgery procedure. After creating the incisions, surgical equipment such as scalpels, radio-frequency cutting devices, and sometimes lasers are used to remove the fat and muscle tissues. Closure of the eyelid incisions and smoothening of surrounding regions is done with sutures or tissue adhesives. No permanent scars remain after the recovery phase.

If you are searching for natural-looking results and the best patient safety standards, you should consult an experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Delhi. Dr Rajat Gupta, a well-known plastic surgeon, completes the blepharoplasty treatment by suturing the incisions with very small stitches. This reduces scarring. In a few months, your scars will completely heal, and you’ll have a more youthful, alert appearance.

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    The Postoperative Period

    Recovery plays a key role in maintaining the aesthetic results of eyelid surgery, and if the patient follows the surgeon’s instructions, scarring will begin to fade sooner. Your surgeon will teach you how to apply antibacterial ointment to the wounds to promote healing and prevent infections.

    You may reduce your chance of scarring even further by adopting lifestyle changes like giving up smoking, avoiding alcohol, being hydrated, and eating a well-balanced diet high in protein. You should also track when you should return for follow-up sessions so your plastic surgeon can properly monitor your recovery.

    To eliminate visible surgical scars, both the surgeon’s understanding during the blepharoplasty surgery procedure and the patient’s adherence to the recovery period are critical.

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