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Chin Augmentation

If you have been wanting Chin Augmentation in Delhi

Chin augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to help men and women achieve a more Proper chin in relation to the rest of the face. Chin enhancement can be done through facial implants for chin enlargement or advancement. Dr. Rajat Gupta is a board-certified plastic surgeon from specializing in the procedure of chin augmentation.

Chin Augmentation in Delhi

Chin Augmentation Candidates

Men and women who have recessed chin, fleshy neck or prominent nose can go for Chin augmentation surgery that can give them defined jaw and balanced appearance of a large nose. The people who have big chin can go for chin reduction surgery to make their jaws appear less prominent. The women who want to go for chin augmentation surgery should be in good health and should not be suffering from cardiac problems or hypertension. Chin implants surgeries are gaining popularity in men also because it makes them look stronger and more handsome with a bold jaw line.

Benefits of Chin Augmentation

Benefits of Chin Augmentation

  • Simple procedure
  • Improves the profile view of a face
  • The implant can be removed if you don’t like it
  • No visible scar on the face as it is done through a small incision under the chin.

Procedure of Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation surgery at Skinnovation Clinics uses an artificial implant to be placed under the skin and provide a permanent boost to the strength and definition of the chin. This augmentation gives well-proportioned look to patient’s face that seems completely natural. The procedure usually takes 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on surgeon’s and the patient’s preference. The incision is placed inside of the mouth, so no visible scar can be seen. Chin implants are safe. Some bruising and swelling can be noticed up to six weeks after the procedure. Any chances of infections are controlled with antibiotics. Post surgery, you may experience numbness of the lip and chin for few days.

There are many numerical standards that are applied to facial analysis when planning an operation to change facial features. Depending upon the formation and condition of your face, Dr. Rajat Gupta would suggest the required mathematical analysis of the projections and contours of the face. This is done by direct physical examination, by use of an imaging computer, and occasionally x-rays of the face.
And thus, we reach a perfect face with a proportionate chin for you!

What is a Compression garment?

A compression garment or belt is recommended by the surgeon after cosmetic procedures like liposuction, breast reduction, gynecomastia and tummy tuck. It helps to reduce the swelling by applying pressure on tissues and pushing the fluid back into veins and lymphatic vessels. The surgeon will ask you to wear the compression belt 24/7 for at least 3 weeks except for bathing and self-cleaning times.

At RG Aesthetics, we strongly recommend the use of a compression belt, as it brings the following benefits to help the procedure become completely effective.

  • Postoperative Swelling is Controlled
  • Prevents Collection of Left-over Fluids
  • Contour and Final Appearance Are Improved
  • It Helps to Improve on Scarring

At RG Aesthetics, custom belts are made as per the patient’s size. Custom sizes are required because one size doesn’t fits all and the technical requirements as per the procedure also vary. A perfect compression belt after liposuction is the tool to achieve better contouring and to sustain the results. The customized compression garments is monogrammed by RG Aesthetics Logo.

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