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With age, breastfeeding, gravity and weight loss; women’s breast lose the supple and firm form and start to sag. This is quite distressing and affects the personal and social life to a great extent. Some women are even known to suffer from depression due to this problem.

But there is no need to go in despair if there is an effective solution available.

Breast lift in Delhi at RG Aesthetics is all that you need if you are suffering from a sagging breast problem. Mastopexy or a breast lift surgery is the perfect solution to firmer and youthful breasts and to regain confidence. A lot of women are opting for breast lift without any hesitation and regaining the interest in life.

What is corrected through a breast lift?

Mastopexy or Breast lift is a surgical procedure which is done under the strict eye of highly qualified and board-certified surgeons at RG Aesthetics. This procedure helps to remove excess skin and tissue from sagging breasts and tighten the surrounding tissue to give a new shape and structure to the breasts. This procedure also helps to support and provide a new contour to the breasts. The enlarged areola can also be addressed with the help of a breast lift surgery.

Benefit from a breast lift surgery - Dr Rajat Gupta

Who can all benefit from a breast lift surgery?

Women who face loss of youthful breast contour and feel that their breast have start to sag can always opt for a breast lift surgery. The reasons to sagging could vary from pregnancy, breastfeeding to weight fluctuations, ageing, or any other heredity reasons.

To opt for a breast lift surgery, you must

  • Have a good physical health and not suffering from any illnesses.
  • Not be a smoker or avid drinker.
  • Have achieved your ideal weight.

If you are facing any of these issues, it is about time you consider a breast lift surgery.

  • Your breasts are flatter, have an elongated shape or look pendulum shaped when hanging freely.
  • When you are not wearing a bra, your nipples fall under the breast crease.
  • The areolas and nipples point downwards.
  • You have stretched skin and extremely large areolas.
  • One of your breasts falls lower than other.

What is a Compression garment?

A compression garment or belt is recommended by the surgeon after cosmetic procedures like liposuction, breast reduction, gynecomastia and tummy tuck. It helps to reduce the swelling by applying pressure on tissues and pushing the fluid back into veins and lymphatic vessels. The surgeon will ask you to wear the compression belt 24/7 for at least 3 weeks except for bathing and self-cleaning times.

At RG Aesthetics, we strongly recommend the use of a compression belt, as it brings the following benefits to help the procedure become completely effective.

  • Postoperative Swelling is Controlled
  • Prevents Collection of Left-over Fluids
  • Contour and Final Appearance Are Improved
  • It Helps to Improve on Scarring

At RG Aesthetics, custom belts are made as per the patient’s size. Custom sizes are required because one size doesn’t fits all and the technical requirements as per the procedure also vary. A perfect compression belt after liposuction is the tool to achieve better contouring and to sustain the results. The customized compression garments is monogrammed by RG Aesthetics Logo.

Compression garment - Breast Lift -01
Breast Lift - Crisalix 3D Simulation - Dr Rajat Gupta

What is Crisalix 3D Simulation?

Crisalix technique equipped with 3D glasses is an innovative way to envision the results of cosmetic procedures, breast shaping surgeries, and other facial procedures, beforehand, without the actual procedure done. It simulates the after results to be viewed by the patient and get satisfied with the appearance, before making a decision for surgery. This is the first ever, breakthrough Web-based 3D simulation app for plastic surgery.

The technology is simple. During consultation session, our surgeon will use a 3D camera to capture your current images from different angles and then upload it into the advanced Crisalix 3D imaging software. This helps to create the base for further specifications to be added to your body structure, which becomes visible in the enhanced 3D images. The software is programmed to accept the specifics and add to your figure and show the results of your chosen procedure on your very own 3D model.

Thus, it is easy and sensible to have a look at self before investing a lot of time, money and effort in a cosmetic procedure. With Crisalix, you can see your likely results within minutes. And if you want to change something about your appearance as seen in 3D image, you can work with our expert team of plastic surgeons at RG Aesthetics, to tweak the details of the procedure until your 3D image matches the results desired by you post surgery.

How is it done?

At RG Aesthetics, we take utmost care to explain the procedure and provide consultation to breast lift surgery aspirants to help them understand the intricacies of the surgery. The surgeon would also understand your surgical goals after evaluating your overall health and breast condition. We also use Crisalix 3D Simulation, which is a breakthrough technology to help you visualize your post-surgery breast contour on your own digitized images. This helps you to define your goals better and know how would you like after the surgery.

During the procedure, after administering general or local anaesthesia, incisions are made in the areolar region. These could be around the areola or also vertically down from the areola to the breast crease. After the incisions are made, the underlying excess tissue is removed, rest of the tissue are reshaped, nipple and areola are repositioned to a natural and youthful height. If the need be, the enlarged areola is also reduced by removing areola skin at the perimeter. The loss of elasticity in the skin is also addressed by removing extra skin. The remaining skin is tightened as the incisions are closed with the help of sutures or skin adhesives.

Breast Lift Recover - Dr Rajat Gupta

How much time does it take to recover?

A compression bra is required to be worn after the surgery, until the surgeon recommends it. This helps to minimize the swelling, and reduce any fluid formation around the sutures, as the breasts heal. After 3 days you can go back to your normal activities and join work if you have a sitting job. However, any strenuous activities or exercises must be avoided.

By one month after surgery, the majority of patients say they feel “back to normal.” Bruising, discomfort, and most swelling disappear. By 6-8 weeks, you will be cleared to do all types of physical activity again. And of course, each person is different, so this timeline should be interpreted as a general guideline.

While you may feel anxious before you opt for a Breast lift, our expert consultants at RG Aesthetics are here to help you with all your doubts and queries. Have a fulfilling session and decide for yourself today!
Dr. Rajat Gupta and Dr. Priya Bansal are board-certified plastic surgeons at RG Aesthetics. To book an appointment with them, Call now at 9251711711.

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