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Arm Lift Procedure in delhi

Arm Lift Procedure in Delhi

Arm Lift procedure is done to remove excess skin that drops from the upper arm. The incision is done from the armpit to the elbow. Excess tissue is removed and liposuction is done to remove the stubborn fat cells.

Arm Lift Procedure in Delhi

Arm lift procedure?

Arm lift surgery is performed under a general anesthesia and takes approximately 3 hours to finish for both arms.

Are there any side effects?

With Arm Lift surgery once might face temporary side effects such as bruising, swelling, tightness, light bleeding, numbness and a tingling sensation.

How long before I see the results of my arm lift?

Once the swelling subsides, you will notice the results. It may take up to 2-3 months to see full results of the surgery.

When can I resume my daily activities

When can I resume my daily activities?

You can resume your daily activities from the next day. Cardio exercise you can start from 1-week post surgery. Heavy weight training should be avoided for at least 3 weeks.

Will I have a scar?

Scarring is normal in any surgical procedure. The scars are however not visible if you stand straight, but will be visible if you raise your arms. As the time goes by, the scar fades a lot. In my practice, I use fractional laser over the scar, post 3 weeks of the surgery, so that the scar heals and is less visible.

Are there any alternatives to Arm lift surgery?

If you want a non-surgical method, then RF Skin Tightening and Body HIFU can be used. However, non-surgical methods will not have same effect as the surgical methods.