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Compression Garment

At Skinnovation Clinics, we create custom belts for patients who undergo various kinds of surgeries for breast, thighs, tummy or gynecomastia. Custom sizes are required because one size doesn’t fits all and the technical requirements as per the procedure also vary. A perfect compression belt after liposuction is the tool to achieve better contouring and to sustain the results.

The customized compression garments that we make are monogrammed by RG Aesthetics Logo, which is the flagship clinic managed by our senior-most surgeon and consultant Dr. Rajat Gupta.


Compression Garment

Liposuction is a perfect alternative to get rid of stubborn fat deposits which don’t get addressed with diet and exercise. One can get the beautiful sculpted body they dreamed of, through liposuction, but to get the best results and to retain them, a compression belt is needed after the procedure.

Compression garment is an imperative. It is to be worn 24/7 for at least 3 weeks except for bathing and self-cleaning times. After this, the patients are required to wear it for another 3 weeks for day time and are allowed to remove for night.

At Skinnovation Clinics, we strongly recommend the use of a compression belt, as it brings the following benefits to help the procedure become completely effective.


Postoperative Swelling is Controlled

After the liposuction procedure, edema fluid starts to collect in the tissue, resulting in swelling (tissue edema) of the treated areas. A compression belt after liposuction helps to reduce the swelling and to keep it under control by applying pressure on tissues and pushing the fluid back into veins and lymphatic vessels.


Prevents Collection of Left-over Fluids

When fat is removed from a body area, an empty space is left behind. A clear fluid called Seromas gets collected in these empty spaces, making uneasy pockets of clear fluids. This often requires to be drained out with the help of a needle. A compression belt keeps this empty space compressed up, not allowing the fluid to get accumulated and causing extreme discomfort.


Contour and Final Appearance Are Improved

The emptied space created after the liposuction allows the skin to slide back and forth, over and above the underlying deep tissues which can cause wrinkles and make the skin surface appear distorted.  The compression belt after liposuction helps to keep the tissues in place while the healing is in process which helps to gain a better and refined contour.


It Helps to Improve on Scarring

Pressure, when applied correctly, helps to improve the appearance of scars. While external scarring is not much in case of liposuction, there can be internal scarring that can take time to soften. Compression belt helps to organize the collagen fibers as these scars are beginning to form, causing it to be softer and easy to manage. It may be considered that liposuction doesn’t leave many scars, but liposuction is often combined with other invasive cosmetic surgeries which may leave visible scars. Even with the smallest of scars, compression belt has many external benefits.

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