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If you have been wanting Otoplasty Surgery in Delhi, read on:


Otoplasty is a surgical treatment for correcting the prominent ears. It can be carried out in the child from the age of 8 years & above. The surgery can also be carried out in adult patients.

In prominent or Protruding ears, the antihelix is not properly formed or is completely missing. To correct this, antihelix has to be made.

Some patients have prominent ear of a smaller grade, in which the prominent ear has the antihelix form but that antihelix at the middle portion is not more prominent. So to reconstruct that anti helix by suturing method is performed.

Otoplasty is usually done under a general anesthesia in children & local anesthesia in adults. Once the patient is anesthetized, an incision is made behind the patient’s ear in the fold of the skin where the ear meets the head. Through this incision, extra skin is excised. After this, Concha is sutured with mastoid (bone behind the ear), its called concha mastoid sutures, so the ear sticks towards the back.

Each patient is different for prominent ear. In some patients the inner part of antihelix, the concha becomes bigger which then needs to be removed. In some patients the angle of the fold in the ear cartilage may cause the ear to protrude, or in some the ear lobe may be unusually large.

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